Tony Robbins Priming Meditation Ritual Pt. 2

Here are the final steps of Tony Robbins Priming Meditation Ritual that I’ve adapted. Part 1 focused on breathing to wake up our minds and bodies and getting into a positive state of mind.

The second part of Tony’s priming meditation is about setting up our day for success.

If you missed Steps 1-3 of  ‘Tony Robbins Priming Meditation Ritual Part 1’

Maintain sitting in an upright position, feet flat on ground and eyes closed.



Step 4: Visualize

Breath in healing light and energy. Imagine it filtering in and around you. Allow it to flow throughout your body, clearing or repairing all areas, from your brain to your feet.


Use the light to solve current challenges. You can visualize it encountering the issue and dissolving it or blowing it up into a million tiny pieces.


Strengthen your best assets that you need for the day. Do you need to reinforce your courage, speaking ability, or compassion? Think of which of your personal tools will help you achieve your objectives.


Step 5: Share

Send this healing energy out to family, friends, and those in need. Simply think of who you want to share this vibration with and see it reaching them.


Step 6: Focus and Celebrate (goals)
What are three goals or outcomes that you are most passionate about? Here are a few examples; physical fitness level, vacation plans, a new home, happier marriage, kids in college. Of course, it’s not limited to these suggestions, so think big and make sure you can see your outcome.


See yourself as though the accomplishment has already been achieved. Notice what it looks like, smells like, who’s with you, etc. What are those around you doing? How does it affect them? What are you doing and wearing? Get as detailed as possible.


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