Tony Robbins Daily Practice for Massive Success and Happiness

Wondering how some people seem to exude success and happiness? Tony Robbins clearly has this matrix down! Here’s an adaptation of Tony’s Priming Meditation Ritual, which he does every day to get him in the right state of mind to conquer his day, on his terms. This is the first of two videos. It covers the initial three of six steps. Make sure to watch the second video, which is focused on goal setting and achievement.


This 10 to 15 minute process is an alternative to guided meditation, for those who have a hard time clearing your brain (yes, my hand is raised!). It creates a state of mind for success and positivity.


Here are the first 3 steps of the process:


  1. Sit with back straight and feet flat on the ground.
  2. Breathing – Tony Robbins uses a breathing technique from India, which needs to be learned separately. My version is simple and does the trick. Take a deep breath through your nose. Allow it to go all the way to your belly and fill your lungs. Push out through the mouth. Do this ten times; three sets total. Take a break in between sets.This process infuses energy and overall wellness.
  3. Gratitude

    This step is instrumental in bringing higher positivity into your life.

    Think of three things you’re grateful for.  What has your partner done for you to make your life better? Are your children healthy? How about that first cup of morning coffee?Another example is a place of beauty you have visited and felt at peace.

    Make sure at least one is extremely simple, such as your child’s smile. This creates awareness of everyday joys that surround us, but we often fail to notice. You can expect to have a happier outlook and a more positive lifestyle if you practice this step continuously.

    As you know, I’m focused on making your relationship easier and creating a thriving lifestyle.  Daily rituals, such as this priming exercise, will help you become a happier version of yourself, and pushes out the negativity that doesn’t benefit you. Your family, friends, and those you meet will sense this. When you’re in the right place mentally, your world becomes brighter too, despite what life throws you!


Make sure to watch the second video and read the blog post, which expands the teaching!





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