Tips for Luxe Entertaining


The best events, grand or intimate, really stand out most when the host incorporates their personality into the celebration. It is all too easy to follow Pinterest and try to make your ‘board’ come to life, but that is someone else’s vision.


I worked with a couple last year that served cookies and milk after they cut the cake at their wedding because it was their favorite midnight treat, and all of their guests knew it and thought it was a cute touch. If you are hosting a gathering in your home, bring your everyday life into play; for instance, do you have traditions that you could introduce to guests?



Environment is everything when hosting a party. Lighting, music, etc. all come into play here. With intimate events especially, you want to dim the lights and rely more heavily on candles with light music playing in the background.


A Million Bucks

One of the draws of an upscale venue is that service is impeccable. Even if you are hosting guests in your home, you should make them feel exquisite. Offer valet parking, have someone greet guests with a drink as their coat gets put away or hire a chef for the evening to provide gourmet hors d’oeuvres or dinner.


Working with a smaller budget? Create a signature cocktail for guests to try (this is also a great way to personalize the evening!).

Alexandria owns Alexandria Catherine Events in the suburbs of Philadelphia where she works with select clients on luxury events, primarily along the Main Line. She is a graduate of West Chester University of Pennsylvania where she received her B.A. in Anthropology with a focus in Historical Archaeology.

Her passion for ceremony, tradition and detail led her to study at the New York Institute of Art & Design and receive certification in Event Decor (I.E.D.P.).



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