Stay on Track with your Wellness Goals


Getting through January is challenging, but what about the rest of the year. Diane Welland, Diane Welland, MS RD who works with Sweet’N Low offers up some of her best tips for staying on track with your health and fitness year round.


1. Don’t Skip Meals, Breakfast Included – Resist the urge to “save up” your calories and skip meals. It will make you overeat or make poor food choices later on because you will be extra hungry. Not a breakfast eater? Try this protein-packed Strawberry Almond Smoothie it will help fill you up without making you feel bloated.


2. Clean Out Your Cabinets – A New Year is a great time to take a look at what is in your pantry. Make sure your cabinets are filled with foods that will inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle. Start anew without foods that have added sugars or unhealthy fats and your body will thank you. Plus, get rid of items that have expired.


3. Revamp Your Cooking Style – Small changes in meal preparation can make a big difference. For example, grill your food instead of frying it or swap out sugar for a zero calorie sweetener like Sweet’N Low. By making little changes, your taste buds and your waistline will be happy. ?


4. Start Small – with Your Coffee or Tea – When you indulge in coffeehouse favorites with fancy flavors, you’ll probably be indulging in more calories and a higher price tag! Think about ways to make these delicious drinks at home – it may lower your calorie intake and save you a few dollars. Sweet’N Low has 3 coffee options under 100 calories (per serving): Minty Mocha Coffee, Skinny Vanilla Cappuccino, or the Spicy-So-Nicey Hot Chocolate Coffee.


5. We All Have Off Days – Don’t sweat it if you lose track of your new goals for a day or two. Remember to keep at it! Lifestyle changes can be tough and if you stay positive your changes are more likely to become routine.

Diane Welland MS, RD is a registered dietitian with more than 20 years of experience of translating nutrition information into consumer-friendly language. With experience writing newsletters, blogs and fact sheets, Diane’s specialty is working with brands, like Sweet’N Low, to get accurate health information into the hands of  consumers. In addition to being a writer and author of several books, Diane is also an accomplished speaker, recipe developer and chef.



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