Smart Leadership Styles for Success in Relationships and Business

Michelle Patterson Smart Leadership Styles for Success in Relationships and Business


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Michelle Patterson, is the President of the longest-running women’s conference, the California Women’s Conference, and CEO of the global organization, Women Network. Her events bring in up to 10,000 people and are planned a year ahead. It takes a comprehensive team of committed people and a smart leadership style to make it happen. In addition to balancing multiple events, she’s also married and the mom of two teens.


I sat down with Michelle to see what her secrets are to maintaining her sanity, getting people to support her movements, and being the most capable leader. Pay attention to how her tips can be applied in helping you achieve your personal goals, as well as goals in business.


How to Be the Most Effective Leader

1) Clear Goals. Your goal must be impeccably communicated and understood. This helps ensure that everyone knows what their job is and how it is contributing to the goal. The clearer the objective, the more likely it is to occur.


2) Know Your Gift. Stick with what you are the most skilled at and delegate the rest. If you are an expert at being a connector, make sure that is your primary focal point.


3) Get Out of the Way. Let your team do what it’s there to do. Do not micro-manage. It’s okay to ask questions but don’t try to do their job for them.


4) Develop Relationships. Michelle deals with mostly volunteers, so it’s imperative that she makes it a win-win for all involved. Highlight people and give them props to support them.If you have someone who is doing your graphic designs, give them exposure wherever you can.


Creating an Effective Team

1) Clear Job Titles. A written descriptive job title must be done for paid staff and volunteers. The more one understands what is required of their role, the easier it is to maintain. This is significant for protecting relationships too. If one’s expectations are unclear, it can cause anguish and disappointment.


2) Create Milestones. Have written milestones, so everyone recognizes when they are on track or when duties have been derailed, so the objectives get back in focus, quicker.


3)  Weekly Reports. Stay up to date by having a weekly meeting or report to ensure all tasks are getting finished. It will also help you identify when someone is in need of assistance or stuck with a challenge.


Leading an Effective Meeting

1) Know Your Objective. Take time before your meeting to write down what it is that you want to accomplish from the meeting. This helps to maintain the focus on the purpose. Failing to be clear on this will lead to your message being convoluted, and the possibility of others changing the direction of what you wanted.


2) Create SMART Goals. This is an acronym for – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.


3) Follow Up. Shortly after your meeting, send an email listing the SMART goals, so it’s fresh in everyone’s mind to capitalize on the momentum created during the meeting.


Many of these principles mentioned in this article can be applied to your relationship. I encourage you to discuss and develop exciting goals that you both want. My Free Couples 5 Day Challenge teaches how to create 90 Day Goals, as a couple, to have a more thriving relationship. 


Michelle Patterson is known as a visionary, author, acceleration executive, founder, passionate talk show host and dynamic speaker. President/Executive Director for Women Network, LLC, Global Women Foundation and the California Women’s Conference to provide support, leadership and advocacy for women’s initiatives around the globe.

The California Women’s Conference will be taking place December 7th and 8th, 2016.


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