Selecting Earrings to Shape Your Face

Jewelry is the finale to an outfit. Jewelry adds detail, pulls accessories together and, well, is just pretty to wear.


The most important of them are earrings. Your face is where people look when talking to you, it’s the first thing they see. It’s wear we express our emotions. So earrings are almost a frame to the face, be it small, petite studs or large, statement drop earrings.


We all come in different shapes and sizes, as do our faces. Here’s a guide to what earrings are best suited with different face shapes:


Round-Shaped Face

In order to elongate a rounder face shape, stick with drop earrings. Long, narrow shaped ones in particular. It would be best to avoid teardrop shaped earrings that widen and get more bulky at the ends, as well as large round studs and hoop earrings. Basic rule of thumb, avoid circular earrings, as these will make your face appear wider and draw attention to the width of your forehead.

Thinner earrings that dangle are elegant and create a more flattering illusion.


Heart & Diamond-Shaped Face

Balance is key. A person with a heart or diamond face shape will have wider cheek bones and narrow down towards the chin, opting for teardrop shaped earrings or similar works best. As is with round-shaped faces, avoid hoop earrings, large, round studs, and round chandelier earrings, so not to add width to your face.


In addition to teardrop earrings, also try dangle earrings to elongate your face, or a diamond chandelier shaped earring.


Oval-Shaped Face

In general, most earring styles work well with an oval face shape. Lucky you! As this shape is pretty balanced and elongated, you can opt for round shaped earrings, studs, chandelier, teardrop, narrow earrings. You definitely have more flattering choices, just pick what works well with your personal style and overall look.


If you really want your oval-shaped face to stand out, wear a pair of oval shaped drop earrings to help accentuate and create symmetry.



Square-Shaped Face

For a square face shape, you’ll want to create a more rounded illusion that soften your face. Select round shaped earrings. Teardrop earrings are also a great choice, with rounded edges, this will also elongate the face.


When choosing earrings for this face shape, you’ll want to look for curves, rounded edges. Avoid squares and rectangles, shapes with corners.


Long, Narrow-Shaped Face

To add more width to this face shape and bold, round studs are ideal. Try a pair of pearl stud earrings or a drop earring with a cluster of pearls.


Avoid long, delicate earrings. This will elongate your face and make it look thinner. Opt for earrings that stay close to the earlobe, the adding more width to your face.


It’s pretty simple when you think about it. Take in the do’s and don’ts as per above and remember these when next shopping for earrings. Accentuate your beautiful face, own whatever shape you have and work with it!


Just remember, balance is key, both with the earrings you that best suit your face as well as pairing your earrings with the right accessories.


Chantal Mossess Boyajian gained Fashion degree in England, and returned to Qatar to begin her career. She worked in advertising and film, whilst maintaining her passion for fashion by styling editorial shoots and personal clients, and continues to enjoy sharing her style knowledge, tips and tricks.


In 2014, Chantal moved to Los Angeles and founded her business, Boyajian Trend Gallery, an eCommerce boutique housing trendy jewelry and luxury handbags from independent designers she finds around the world. Each collection is curated for women to shop unique ‘hard-to-find’ accessories.


All photographs depicted are (c) Boyajian Trend Gallery. 2016.

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