Resolutions: Let stick with it…

We are a few days in, and it’s time to keep motivated and push forward in our quest to living your best life.  Here are a few important things to keep in mind as we enter the first full week of January:

“Don’t dwell on the past and think positive!” Nicole Chaszar, the CEO & Founder of the Splendid Spoon really believes that “acceptance is an important element to incite positive change.  I take a few minutes to acknowledge the holiday eating and take a conscious step into healthier habits.  It’s a short moment of mindfulness to accept the choices i made over the holidays and then focus on the days ahead.”

Once Nicole has does this she refuses to “beat myself up for any past behaviors, what is the good in that?” She likes her clients to know that its “natural to indulge sometimes, and it’s not helpful to frame indulgences as ‘bad’.  It’s a whole lot more productive to approach the future with a sense of self-worth and confidence.  Once you channel that inner strength it will make the healthy choices come easier.”

Splendid Spoon is a plant-based wellness company.  Their aim is to help everyone discover their healthiest selves – through weekly plant-based plans which are simple, satisfying, and wholesome.

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