Rekindling Lost Love After 30 Years of Marriage | Successful Marriage Series


Ben and Elizabeth Bryant got married four months after meeting. Their marriage lasted thirty years, at which point, they divorced. This a story of lost love and the journey this couple took to eventually find their way back to one another.

The End

Both partners felt the relationship had gotten stale. Ben was experiencing the pressures associated with starting a new business, thus admitted he was not focusing on the issues of the relationship.

Ben said they had a healthy, active, and adventurous sex life…however, that was not enough to save their marriage…yup, good sex may have been the duct tape but it was not the glue! They tried therapy, but it didn’t alleviate the problems. Eventually, Elizabeth filed for divorce.

The Break

They were apart for several years. Ben dated other women, although never had much of an interest in any of them. His heart belonged to Elizabeth. He vowed to win her back, although was not sure how to accomplish this desperate quest.


Then the horrific date we all know, 9/11, hit the east coast. Elizabeth felt a shift in her mindset. She realized how much she valued being with those she loved. Ben was still deep in her heart. He saw his chance and took full advantage! You’ll want to listen to the recording to hear the couple tell the details of this romantic story and Ben’s cautious seduction. Hint…limo, beautiful hotel suite, flowers, and yes, sex!

Eventually, Elizabeth moved back in, they got married, and began a fresh relationship.

Their New Relationship 

They both have a sense of gratitude and appreciation toward one another, which stays in the forefront of their relationship. Elizabeth says that things that once bothered her no longer do. Although they still have an occasional disagreement, it blows over almost immediately.

Ben mentioned that if Elizabeth wants ice cream at 8pm, he’s out the door to get it, without hesitation. Now that’s true love!

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