Top 3 Self-Limiting Beliefs Affecting Your Prosperity

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

top 3 limiting beliefs affecting your prosperity

Do you feel like 2020 has been like one long hangover? We kicked it off with a large serving of pandemic, followed up by getting confined to our homes.

On top of that, we got to add an all-time high collective tension. The world around us has changed at rapid speed. Businesses have had to chart new courses and evolve... or sink.

This stress for change opens up the door for conflicting opinions and strong viewpoints about the best way to move forward at the work front. Teams may experience friction, and founders may find themselves wanting to punch one another in the eye.

As if that isn't enough, our day-to-day conversations in our personal lives can feel like navigating a minefield as we dodge the divisive topics. Hello, U.S Presidential race!

Can you feel the hangover???

But there's good news! We can make a conscious choice to leverage these opportunities to pivot.

Adaption is the name of the game, and you can use it to excel.

Here are 3 Self-Limiting Beliefs Holding Us Back From Perseverance

Limiting Belief #1. I'm Safer If I Avoid Change During Crazy Times

Making significant shifts during uncertain times may feel counterintuitive. However, those who do make strategic changes often reap the benefits.

Think of historic market crashes. Many hold onto their pennies with vice grips. Makes sense, right? If the bottom is falling out, one should be more cautious.

But here's the deal – the most profitable investors know better. Those who experience the most significant financial windfalls invest ((Investopedia: 5 Top Investors Who Profited From the Global Financial Crisis)). Many mid-level investors amass extreme wealth during these opportunities.

The Belief-Behavior Loop Effect - this concept states that we often get stuck in a behavior loop based on our past beliefs.

The problem is, our old thoughts often hold us back from our potential.

Based on the example above, the belief could be, hoard your money when the stock market is crashing, so you don't lose your bee-hind.

What's this mean for you? Your behavior will support your fear, and you'll miss out on potential fortunes. Ya don't want that, right?!

Of course, I'm not saying you should throw caution to the wind! However, be aware of how your beliefs are affecting your current reality.

Limiting Belief #2. It'll Disappear if I Ignore It

I think ostriches are interesting animals. Turns out – hiding our heads in the sand won't make anything disappear...other than our head.

Let me share a story about my friend, George. He's a highly skilled engineer, working 20+ years in his field. Everyone loves him...except for his ex-boss.

He was fired from his last job just over a year ago.

I bet you're thinking, 'he's an engineer. He'll have no problem finding a job'.

As it turns out, his 20+ years have been focused in a very specific industry, with few openings. Despite an impeccable resume and diligently applying for positions, he has yet to land a job.

From the beginning, I suggested he expand his options into other fields. Unfortunately, he didn't buy into the idea that his skills could provide him with several opportunities.

He lacked confidence in applying for different positions because he had never done them before. This is known as 'fear of the unknown.' It plagues many of us, including George.

George had figured he'd land a job in the same industry because it had worked out before. Then Covid hit.

You see, he had thought he could keep his status quo, and everything would work out. Now, it's been over 12 months, and his confidence has dramatically faltered.

Instead of embracing the opportunity to pivot into a new career, he chose to stay safe. Safety is clearly not working in his favor.

The good news is, once George decides to re-evaluate his skills and how they apply to other positions, he'll be fine.

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I share tips below on how to take strategic steps so you can move forward a lot more quickly than George!

Limiting Belief #3. It's Everyone Else's Fault - Who's Coming to Save Me???

I've had numerous clients come to me in tears, complaining that others' had taken advantage of them. They've listed divorce attorneys, business partners, parents, spouses, and more.

These same people would go on about how it was "unfair," and they deserved recourse. Yes, they may be right in their positioning, but it wasn't resolving their pain.

Simply put, they were stranded in a victim mentality ((Psychology Today. The Victim Identity)). No fairness fairy was coming to save them.

Okay, how's this apply to you? Covid has placed enormous stress on many of us. Our livelihoods and way of life have been greatly affected.

If you're relying on a new stimulus bill or another round of PPP, you're putting yourself at risk.

What if you no longer had to depend on others? What if you took over the reins and created a fresh path for your life?

Things can get better! Continue reading below.

How to Reprogram Your Limiting Beliefs to Build Momentum

Reprogramming your beliefs to serve you better puts you in the driver's seat of your life. When we're trapped in uncertainty or chaos, the first step in escaping can feel intimidating.

Good news! Here are 3 steps to start building your momentum.

Step 1: What Makes You Shine

Think of all your natural gifts and talents. These are traits you have that come easy.

Maybe you're a genius at numbers. Are you a born salesperson with a gift of gab?

Write down everything you enjoy and are good at doing.

Step 2: Where Do You Suck

Although it's fun to think of where you're a stud muffin, ya gotta also be aware of where you struggle.

Here is a couple of prompts to get you rolling:

  • When it comes time for preparing your taxes, do you want to vomit? This could indicate you're not a detail-oriented person.

  • Would you prefer to work in a windowless office versus physically meet with someone? Might you be an introvert?

My free adapted DISC assessment is a great tool to help you uncover your strengths and weaknesses.

Step 3: What Do You Want and Don't Want

Brainstorm everything you want in a job or business. Also, get clear on what you definitely do NOT want.

Finally, review what you've written in the 3 steps above. Begin to dream about what your life could look like and what steps need to occur to make it happen.

Once you have clarity, create a 90-day plan to get you there. Break up your weeks into bite-size chunks to keep you on track.

Your Life Beyond Self-Limiting Beliefs

Now, you have tools to help you replace your limiting beliefs to start moving forward. There will be bumps in the road, as it's impossible to predict all those surprises waiting ahead. However, with the right mindset, you can find more strategic solutions for your life, relationship, and prosperity!

Discover the 3 A's to change your mindset easily.

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