Secrets to a Personal Mission Statement to Amplify Your Life

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

A personal mission statement puts your life in crystal clear focus, aligns your core values, passions, and natural talents. And if that’s not enough – it also invites opportunities!

It helps you live a life on purpose that's fulfilling and empowering.

This article will help you create your own.

Benefits of Your Personal Mission Statement

Your personal narrative acts as your guide to make quicker and more confident decisions on investments, relationships, business, career, and meaningful choices.

In addition, it creates your impactful story for you to share. When you tell people your story doors will open.

Here’s why – Let’s say you’re at a dinner party and George asks you the typical opener, ‘what do you do?’ Before you wrote your Personal Mission Statement you may have said, “I’m a business coach who helps people to be successful.” Blah!

Now you intrigue them with your story. “Well George, you know how there are so many people who have businesses that struggle despite working to the bone?” George replies, “Of course. It’s tough being an entrepreneur.”

You continue, “I agree. That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to empowering driven people. I help them amplify their lives and businesses by guiding them to strategically use their God given gifts. They quickly overcome challenges and life becomes effortless.”

George is drawn into your story and wants to know more. Eventually he says, “You know, I’m on the board for Super Studs on Fire and I’d love for you to be a guest speaker.” Boom!

People engage in a story. You think you’ll stand out more?

Your narrative becomes your inner guide to staying on track. You'll lose less sleep and decrease your stress.

Let me ask you, how many nights have you tossed and turned when faced with an important decision? You might even be able to save money by not needing that double frappuccino!

Best of all, it helps you avoid failure and stay congruent with what's most important to you.

How to Write Your Personal Mission Statement:

Step 1: Ask Questions and Write It Out

Your big fat why? What's most important to your core being? Think of times where you felt incredible inner joy. Who were you with, and what were you doing? Peel back the onion layers and ask why it made you think the way it did. Keep asking why until you pinpoint a deep gut feeling that’s a lightbulb moment.

What motivates & inspires you: do you get a natural high from helping others? Maybe you thrive off pushing yourself past challenging obstacles. Does being in nature or near the ocean revitalize you? Are you happiest when you're surrounded by people? What kind of people - empowering, loving, driven, or empathetic ones? How do they make you feel?

What Are Your Natural Gifts -aka Zone of Genius

Your Zone of Genius is where you excel without much effort. Ask yourself if you're gifted at creativity, logic, or relationship building? What else are you gifted?

Step 2: Put It Into a Sentence

Take the aspects of what you discovered in the exercise above and write one or two sentences. It should answer:

  • What's your most important core value

  • How do you want to feel

  • What will keep you inspired

Here's an example of my personal discovery process: I remember when it was just my young boys and myself in Tahoe. One morning we went to a waterfront cafe. They ate their bagels and drank their hot chocolate while skipping rocks on the lake. We had the beach to ourselves. The water was calm, and the lake was glistening. As I took in the experience, I felt pure joy and peace.

Why - level 1: I loved being with my boys and having no worries. Watching them being happy and connected made me feel proud.

Why - level 2: What was this feeling connected to? I was an only child and yearned for a sibling to play with and be best friends. I didn't want to feel lonely.

Why - level 3: My life, at that time, was chaotic, and I rarely had a moment to pause. I always felt rushed and stressed. It affected my family and my entire world.

Why - level 4: There's nothing more important than my children. I want them to be balanced, happy, and confident.

Why - level 5: The aha moment: Inner peace, feeling connected to my family, and taking time to enjoy the present moment is what makes me the most fulfilled.

When else have I felt deep joy? I love empowering others and helping them create impactful businesses. This skill taps into my creativity, Zone of Genius, and makes my life exhilarating.

How I put this into a Personal Mission Statement: "My journey through life is uplifting and fun as I stay connected to my family and loved ones while using my optimism and skills to inspire others to achieve their potential."

How to Put Your Personal Mission Statement Into Action

Let's say you're itching to make a career pivot, but you're unsure which direction to go. Do you want to continue climbing the corporate ladder or open a bike shop?

Now you refer to your Personal Mission Statement.

Here's an example of one, "To enjoy my journey in life, while feeling successful and staying connected to my family." It's clear that opening a bike shop is most in alignment with your statement. Do you see how simple decisions become?

Your next step would be to write out your plan of action to make opening a bike shop a reality. Since you know it's part of your inner goals, you can step into this with 100% certainty. Simply put, this helps you avoid procrastination and overwhelm!

Re-read your statement each week to make sure you're staying committed to it. Also, remember to refer to it for every considerable challenge and decision you encounter. Enjoy creating and living your life on purpose!




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