Is Overthinking Ruining Your Company?

Sometimes, in life, you just have to pull the ripcord and take action.

Overthinking and Small Business Problems

For all you perfectionists, can you stick with me for a minute?

While careful planning, finding low-risk alternatives, and accounting for all eventualities can be a wise move in many cases, thinking too much could be doing more harm than good to your company.

While worrying comes naturally to people, overthinking can add stress to your work life that you can simply do without.

The Mental Drain of Overthinking

Here's a solid argument for curbing the overthinking practice. Rather than being a cautious business practice, being a consistent scrutinizer has been linked to depression and anxiety. A study by the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, found that overthinking drains your energy. At the same time, other psychology experts have also said that too much thinking can also have a negative impact on your career.

So, what does overthinking look like in a company context? It can include the need to double and triple-check information, examine everything in minute detail, double-check data, edit and over-editing company emails, and wasting too much time wondering whether to make a business decision.

Not convinced? At best, you're wasting your valuable time thinking about options that don't deserve that much of your day when you should be focused on more important things.

At worst, you're missing opportunities for your business and career. You might even be causing damage to yourself and your company.

Think of it this way – if a dead-end date was sucking up your time when you could be watching 'Schitt's Creek' reruns, would you stand for it?

Missed Opportunities

This leads us to missed opportunities for dates or business. Scrutinizing a decision could mean you miss your chance to make the significant move you were thinking about. Timing can be everything, especially in business, and if you wait too long, often you can see your opportunity sail off into the sunset without you. Is the love of your life on that ship?

Sometimes, when you see a door open, you've just got to seize the moment and take it - or risk having it close for good.

Crash and Burn

The stress of overthinking can have another effect closer to home, too: burnout. In fact, it's one of the most common issues experienced by entrepreneurs and employees alike, with a recent Gallup survey revealing that 23% of workers report feeling burned out more often than not.

A considerable part of business success is knowing how to manage stress - the unnecessary worry caused by being stuck in a mental cycle can quickly cause burnout. Preserving your focus, and by extension, yourself, creates an all-around better environment to set your business up for success. You may even have more time and dinero for better dates!

Tap into Your Success Mindset

Consider the amount of time you're taking to come to a decision. Is it something that doesn't matter in the long run?

It turns out, a key characteristic of the most successful entrepreneurs and leaders is their ability to make quick decisions without waffling. In other words, once they make their choice, they're all in.

They will pivot as they see fit but won't waste their precious mental capacity replaying the chosen direction. This ability is instrumental in building your success mindset.

Checking back in with the perfectionists - think of what you could be doing if you weren't dissecting every possible outcome!

The Entrepreneur Gut Check

Entrepreneurship - gut instincts

The answer lies in learning to trust your intuition. It's one of the most valuable traits an entrepreneur can have and is often what sets strong leaders ahead of the pack. One study in the journal of Psychological Science, found that the more people use their intuition to make faster, more accurate decisions, the better they also became at using it over time.

The value of trusting your intuition and making decisions quickly is real. So much so, that the U.S. Navy invested four years and $3.85 million in teaching its marines how to trust and promptly act on gut instinct.

Next time you're mulling over a decision for your business, think: should I be worried about this at all? And more importantly, what does your gut feeling tell you? The answer might surprise you.

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