How to Love Selling Without Feeling Slimy

A problem as old as time itself: You have a fabulous business product or service, but you're not making many (or any) sales.

The simple solution? Get out there and sell!

How to Love Selling Without Feeling Slimy

The real issue: "Yuck," you think, "selling."

Many people have this immediate response. The first thing I want to assure you of is you're not alone. Somehow, when you bring up the word "selling," the immediate gut reaction is of your high school friends on social media trying to sell you protein shakes or a used car salesman trying to get you "into something really nice."

I remember trying to buy my first used car when I was in my late teens. I ultimately got out of my league when trying to deal with high-pressure sales. I also wondered why the ugliest car on the lot was the one they were trying to sell me. I'm pretty sure one of the vehicles had a trunk full of expired groceries in it...because I'm not sure what else could have explained that odor.

It all feels slimy, doesn't it (the selling and probably the groceries, if that's what they were)?

But guess what? That's not sales. That's pressure. Today, I'm going to teach you how to take a different approach (and a lot less slimy). The fear of sales is real, but we can get over it because that's an entrepreneurial mindset indicator (not to mention a success mindset).

Here are five steps to fall in love with selling:

1. Throw out the sales script

Forget about classic "selling." Put it out of your mind. That's not you. If you put a success mindset on and take off the "selling," that in and of itself will help you get ready for success.

Once I decided to rip up the sales script, things changed quickly. The next four tips outline the approach I used to replace it.

2. Approach sales from your heart and consciousness

Selling was so yesterday. Providing value and solving problems is way more beneficial. Good news – there's no need to force anything on your client.

I remember the day I threw out the sales script. I was prepping for a sales call. My gut felt yuck, once again. I thought to myself, this is my business, and I'm going to do things that align with my values.

So, I chose to put my attention to listening and sharing from my heart. I'm exceptionally good at what I do, and I change lives quickly.

When the sales process came into play, I was too focused on the stupid script. It took my energy away from doing what I do best – kickass coaching.

Turns out, my confidence was in the garbage because I didn’t feel confident in the sales part. However, when I shifted into providing awesome value, my self-trust naturally shined through.

Even though I doubted I would make a sale, I felt remarkable about how I helped this client. In fact, I never mentioned anything about working together.

Here's what happened. The client asked how she could hire me.

This outcome occurred over and over.

Even better, is now I get to choose who I work with. The desperation evaporated.

3. Tap into why you have your company

Did you start your business to help others improve their lives? Is it to make business transactions better? Is it to put a person on Saturn? Whatever it is, let your guiding objective be why you approach your business as a solution, not just "selling something."

4. Be authentic

It's easy to be authentic when you believe in your mission. Even a guy selling drain stoppers can be motivated if his wife lost her diamond ring down the drain. What problem are you solving, and why does it matter?

Find out what motivates you about your business and get moving.

5. Shift your focus to helping your client

Stop thinking just about the revenue because that's what takes you off your game and makes you feel slimy. The income will come as people start to know, like, and trust you. The only way to achieve this shift is by being authentic. People can sniff out fakeness. Don't smell fake like expired groceries.

The result of putting these five steps into place? A successful mindset and a successful business.

You'll enjoy your business and your clients much more. You'll also see your revenue increase dramatically...seriously.

Also, if some guy in a plaid suit tries to sell you an '81 Buick, definitely don't buy it.

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