How Entrepreneurs Can Increase Productivity

Were you as productive as I was when we were young?

tips for entrepreneurs to increase productivity

I had almost the same routine every day:

● Sleep Late

● Rush to the school bus in a panic that I’d miss it

● Try to finish my homework while on the bus

● Get home from school and talk on the phone until I had to sleep again

OK, I know, I know - not really productive at all. Most would agree the things I did were counterproductive. BUT! I was excellent at squeezing in all that homework while crammed into a tiny bus seat.

The good thing is, most of us have grown out of the tornado of being a teenager and are now trying to optimize our lives.

Let’s talk about how entrepreneurs can increase actual, honest to goodness productivity that will net results. No rushing, no wasting time - just a schedule built for results.

Establish a Morning Routine

Establish a morning routine for more success

1. Wake up at the same time daily: I recommend an early start. My suggestion is to start in the 6 o’clock hour so you can take the time needed to fully prepare for the day without the distractions that inevitably come. Brian Tracy did say 6 am is the magic time for the most successful to begin their days. He is one of the kings of business, you know!

2. Morning Visualization: Before getting out of bed, do a 3-minute visualization of your day (what needs to be accomplished and see yourself having success) = prepares your mind for an effective day. Think successful thoughts, and you will be successful.

3. Self-care: Practice meditation or exercise or do both. If exercising meditation ever becomes a thing, we entrepreneurs will be very excited.

Not only do these simple ideas start your day on the right foot, but they also encourage positivity.

Studies show that the more positive you are, the more you’ll persevere over challenges and do it well. Research also shows it’s a bad idea to do school work on the bus. So start prepared and incorporate a positive attitude and routine.

Become a Systemization Machine

Systemization for improved productivity

There are 6 simple steps any entrepreneur can take to achieve maximum impact through systemization.

Truthfully, even if you use only some of these steps, your productivity will increase. The bonus: each one is specifically designed to make you and your business better, efficient, and more organized.

1. Embrace System Action Plans: The more defined your business systems (SAP’s = system action plans), the easier your workload. This saves your brain energy. Hopefully, you’ll find instead of the 37 cups of coffee you rely on during the day, with SAP’s, you can cut that down to maybe 2. Get Michael E. Gerber’s book, E-myth, to learn the magic of SAP’s.

2. Stay in Your Zone of Genius: By maximizing what you’re naturally gifted at, you will very quickly notice progress faster than ever before.

3. Know your strengths and weaknesses: If you’re a mechanical engineer, you probably won’t spend most of your day doing creative writing - and vice versa. Focus on what makes you awesome, and do more of that.

4. Hire out for where you stink. Aim to stay in your Zone of Genius 80% of your day (here’s an article that discusses this more). Let’s be honest - you don’t want to be doing the things you hate to do, anyway! This will also save your brainpower.

Delegate to improve productivity

5. Make Delegation Your Superpower! You can’t do everything – believe me, I’ve tried. You’ll end up stressed out, overtired, and missing the bus on what’s important.

6. Use 90-Day Goals. Vow to be better every day and reach those goals. Micro-sized sprints of 90 days give you focus and magically make tasks more easily accomplished with clarity of what needs to be done daily/weekly/monthly. 90-day goals are proven to be the most effective for goal achievement. Instead of broad goals, you can see the end and get to work now by breaking them down.

Bottom Line: As Your Entrepreneurial Productivity Increases Your Life Will Be Easier!

It’s never easy being an entrepreneur, but it is most certainly rewarding. By implementing these entrepreneurial productivity tips, I assure you that you’ll find clarity and success throughout your day. Plus, you don’t have to worry about being crammed into a tiny bus seat trying to get your presentation deck done. Bonus!

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