Entrepreneurial Mindset: How to Think Like an Entrepreneur

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Sometimes it seems like the best time to be an entrepreneur is about 3am.

The middle of the night when we all wake up with a jolt and a big idea. Then, we can’t get to sleep.

Entrepreneur's Mindset

We spend an hour laying there coming up with how we’ll roll-out this game changing, industry disrupting, creatively brilliant idea.

We get to the end of the thinking, self-satisfied and assured that we are just days away from taking over the world!

Then...because we were up in the middle of the night, we hit the snooze alarm, sleep more and wake up in a rush, needing to dive headfirst into the day, with no time to firm up those plans.

One day rolls into the next and nothing gets done. BUT! What a time that 3am brainstorm was, right?

Unfortunately, this is all too common. The entrepreneurial mindset seemingly never rests. Ideas come at the strangest time and the ability to actually execute those plans never seems to come.

Midnight Genius

I can vividly recall once having an idea that I was absolutely positive was going to change how businesses engage online. That was about ten years ago. Turns out other things got in the way, Amazon became a billion dollar business, Shopify took off...and I had nothing more than a napkin with some sketches on it.


Entrepreneur Mindset Never Turns Off
An Entrepreneur's Mindset Never Turns Off

Entrepreneurial Mindset Strategies

Fortunately, the entrepreneurial mindset is one that is exceptionally valuable and can be maximized with some pretty easy to implement strategies.

Instead of waking up exhausted, late and completely overwhelmed, the idea is to flex your mind muscles and actually work on a system that will not only allow you to get things done, but to strategically work on the how, why and when.

It’s sort of like planning a great dinner.

We can all agree a gourmet, homemade meal is pretty much always fabulous. Unfortunately, if you forget to thaw the steak, buy the wine and marinate the vegetables - when you go to make the meal, it’s going to be pretty impossible to make.

That’s when the take-out menu comes out.

Entrepreneur Strategic Thinking

Set The Table Approach

As entrepreneurs, we need to make sure we “set the table” for our ideas so when they come we have a strategy to make them awesome, effective and actually bring them to life.

If a brilliant idea floods my mind and it’s not an opportune moment, I’ll post it in my notes on my iphone.

Later, I’ll review the idea and decide where it fits. Is it in alignment with this quarter’s objectives? If not, I place it in the ‘backburner’ folder and revisit the genius concept, along with my other genius ideas, at the end of the quarter. Funny thing is, often when I bring out these world changing thoughts later, I realize they were doomed from the beginning!

Let’s say it does coincide with my present goals. I’ve disciplined myself to let it sit at least 24 hours. If I wake up and still feel pumped about it, I review my OKR’s - objectives and key results measurement, and decide where it fits in.

You know we entrepreneurs love our shiny objects, so this tactic will help you stay on course.

Let’s not forget the entrepreneurial mindset is what keeps us active, engaged, and excited - it’s just that sometimes we have to make sure that our ideas end up like a frozen steak or missed morning alarm.



P.S. This is a real session, where you will have big ah-ha's.

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