Discover the 3 A’s Strategy to Become Unstoppable

Do you work hard, but your ambition and achievement aren't aligning. Ever feel like there's a glass ceiling and if you can break through it, you'll reach a world where the successful get to play? What if you had a big fat rock that shattered that darn ceiling?!

The Entrepreneur's 3 A's to Success

Allow me to place that boulder in your hand! It's called the 3 A's Strategy. The good news is, you're probably closer to crashing that window than you think.

Joe's 3 A's to Becoming Unstoppable

Here's a story about a guy named Joe, who simply needed a strategic tool to get his momentum going again. I had just finished a presentation on mindset and success when Joe approached me. He seemed very intent on chatting.

Joe started by telling me he didn't believe his problems were linked to his mindset. You see, he had been running a reasonably successful company for almost ten years. However, Joe felt like a failure because he couldn't seem to take it to the next level. He set goals and worked 10-14 hour days every week, yet his business was stagnant.

I agreed to have lunch with Joe to learn more about what was going on and see if I could help. I discovered Joe was using the splat-the-spaghetti at the wall technique. You know the one - you throw tons of ideas out and hope one sticks. FYI - not a great strategy!

I asked Joe about his family growing up. He came from a broken home, but thankfully his grandparents played an important role in his childhood. His grandpa took Joe with him to his shop often, where his grandfather worked until his hands were raw. This was a common occurrence.

That was the lightbulb moment! You see, Joe had learned early on the way to be respected was to work feverishly - with no plan for growth - just work your bee-hind off. This mindset was limiting his prosperity.

I introduced him to my 3 A Strategy to guide him in more effective goal setting, planning, and accomplishment.

The 3 A's Strategy for Goal Achievement

Here's the 3 A Strategy for Success

A #1 - Awareness. You need to be aware of what you want to achieve. This method can be used for just about any goal, including a mindset transformation, financial growth, or less stress. Simply become aware of what you want or don't want.

A #2 - Action. Without action, you have nothing. Ernest Hemingway said, "Never mistake motion for action." Create an action plan that is used as a roadmap. What are the benchmarks that need to occur to move you forward?

A: Accountability is the 3rd step. Accountability is often the missing element to achieving your objectives or not. Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at Dominican University of California, ran a well-respected study on goal achievement. She stated, "My study provides empirical evidence for the effectiveness of three coaching tools: accountability, commitment, and writing down one's goals."

Here's why accountability is so crucial. You may have crystal clear goals and intentions. However, it is extremely easy to be thrown off course, lose momentum due to a setback, or get distracted by a shiny object. Having a group, mentor or mind coach is often the determining factor in your success level. They're there to get you through challenges quickly and ensure you're sticking to your plan.

Another benefit to having someone you're accountable to is creating and achieving bigger goals. If you're an entrepreneur or leader, it's in your DNA to compete. If someone is watching you closely, it's a natural tendency to reach higher.

​Think of it this way – If you hire a fitness trainer, how much more likely are you to show up and work hard despite feeling tired, unmotivated, or too busy?

Back to Joe

After our lunch, he went to his hotel room and spent much of the evening writing out his 3 A's Strategy. He was excited to share it with me the next morning. He had pinpointed an area for growth where he could double down. He also created his action plan to accomplish this objective. On top of this, Joe started an accountability group with three attendees from the event.

Joe reached out to me online about 6 months after we met. His company had already broken his goal for the year. He was so empowered that he decided to double his revenue within the next 12 months.

I asked Joe what he felt was most impactful in his success. He said it was becoming aware of his destructive belief patterns and knowing he had others to answer to.

Joe took the rock, known as the 3 A's, and launched it through that glass ceiling. Once the roof disappears, all that's left is blue sky.

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