Best Ways to Develop a Success-Oriented Mindset

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Are you a driven professional who envisions wild success for your business? Easier said than done, though, right? Creating a thriving business starts with having a success mindset.

Do you set optimistic goals but have a challenge achieving them? Does it feel like a revolving cycle – you set your goal, work to achieve it, but continually fall short? No need to beat yourself up! I call this cycle the Belief-Behavior Loop Effect, and it’s very common.

Thankfully, sometimes all it takes to steer your mindset in the right direction is a little rethinking. Let’s take a look at the best ways you can develop a success-oriented mindset.

1. Release Your Mental Weights to Excel

When it comes to having a healthy growth mindset, you want to stay 80% in your Zone of Genius! Your Zone of Genius (ZOG) is where you're naturally gifted.

Putting this in action - If you suck at bookkeeping, hire an expert. Whereas, one of your natural gifts may be the gift of gab. Therefore, you're likely a natural at sales and relationship building. Concentrate on these areas.

Think of it this way, how much time do you procrastinate when you have a chore you hate? The flip side, how much do you thrive when you're doing what you love? You see how staying in your ZOG can catapult your business?

When we get out of our ZOG it zaps our mental energy, which inhibits us to shine doing what we're good at and enjoy. You'll get waaay more accomplished the more you focus on working in your zone!

2. Set Reasonable Goals

One of the most tried and true ways to have a healthy growth mindset is by creating short-term and long-term goals. For this, you’ll want to make a checklist of all your goals within the next 1-2 years. Where do you see your business in that time frame? What steps do you need to take to get there?

I have all my clients start with 90-day goals. Create a blueprint that breaks down your needle turning steps into weekly and monthly actions. Be sure to have a mix of challenging and easily-attainable goals so you can pat yourself on the back for meeting smaller milestones. You’ll be surprised by how effective a little self-praise can be at boosting morale.

3. Learn from Your Mistakes

Speaking of jumping in, you’re bound to mess up. As you progress in your business, you will likely make many mistakes or fail to achieve specific objectives, and that’s okay!

There can be infinite wisdom gained from studying what didn’t work. IBM founding CEO Thomas Watson, Sr., is known for saying, “The fastest way to succeed is to double your failure rate.” It’s what you make of it that determines the wisdom gleaned.

Rather than becoming fixated on things that didn’t go according to plan, review your failures with the success mindset of an investigator looking for key information to move a case forward. You never know if a mistake could be a doorway to creativity and new methodologies that advance your business.

4. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

It can feel scary to take risks when you’re comfortable with the way things are going business-wise. Don Miguel Ruiz discusses the concept of staying stuck in his book, ‘The Four Agreements.’ However, if you want to advance your business, you have to get out of this zone to take the risks necessary for a success mindset.

In other words, don’t be that person who’s not even willing to dip their toes in the water. Be that person that jumps into the unknown!

5. Take Breaks When Needed or Risk This!

The king of small business expertise, Michael E. Gerber, coined the term: “work smarter, not harder.” It was one of the first big fat lessons I learned in my entrepreneurial journey. My husband and I founded our first business almost 3 decades ago. I often worked 50+ hours a week while raising two young boys and trying to be a super mom. Don't use this business model!

You’d think I’d get a clue that I needed to pull back when I forgot my 5-year-old at home to rush to volunteer at his school. I was a slow learner!

Sometimes we get so caught up pushing ourselves that we go past our limits, which ironically limits us.

Instead of working on your business goals around the clock, take regular breaks to focus on your health.

Recharge by meditating, going on a walk, or take a mini vacay.

You’ll end up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your goals from new angles. Periodically taking a step back allows you to gain new insights and enhance your creativity flow. Having flow is when massive breakthroughs and ideas emerge.

Your Success Focused Mindset

All great things take time to evolve, so continue to work on strengthening this part of your mind. By following these tips, you can develop a success mindset that allows your business to shine.

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