How the Belief-Behavior Loop Effect Keeps You Stuck

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Have you ever thought about the correlation between your beliefs, behaviors, and the results in your life? The fact is our brains believe what we tell it, and our actions reflect these thoughts. This phenomenon is the Belief-Behavior Loop Effect. Keep reading to see what you can do to change your results.

Where Our Beliefs Come From

Every one of us has core beliefs and thoughts going through our heads. These come from our past – usually, our childhood. It can be from experiences playing youth sports. You may have felt shame from missing a goal or dropping the baseball in a clutch moment. Your teammates might have been less than supportive when you needed a little empathy.

Effects from old relationships can also carry over. Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend who broke your heart by callously cheating on you? Today, it may still affect your romantic interactions because you're holding onto the fear it'll happen again.

The Power Our Parents Have On Our Mentality

Of course, our parents are responsible for many of our thoughts. (If you're a parent, know you're going to screw up your kids a least a little - jk - but not really!) Our upbringing is often tied to our approach to finances. My dad, to this day, loves to talk about the evils of the wealthy. It took years to overcome my scarcity mindset! Do you know how many times I heard how the world would be better if the wealthy would give up their money??? He wasn't trying to encourage a life of poverty. However, he wanted to make sure I didn't fall into the gross strangle-hold greed can have. The truth is, most financially abundant individuals are good people who work to improve the world. Also, the fact you made a few errors as a youth does not mean your mistakes will have the same sting they had when you re-entered the dugout, all those years ago.

These memories are derived from the past and lead to our core beliefs, which we hold onto tightly. Our personal story is built from thoughts such as:

I'm not good enough

I don't have the right education

I'm afraid to fail

Others are smarter than me

I'm not meant to be wealthy, etc.


Your Comfort Zone Does Not Equal Happiness

Our comfort zone is formed by our subconscious truths, as mentioned above. The struggle between your beliefs and what you want creates an internal conflict. Your confidence and drive get crushed because you want a different result, but you can't seem to free yourself from the loop.

These mental stories are insanely powerful! They dictate the way you behave and the decisions you make. If you have a scarcity mindset, you unconsciously make choices to keep you in a 'safe' range. You mentally set your financial ceiling. Instead of advancing monetarily, if you believe money is evil, you'll make decisions to keep you playing smaller.

Your beliefs, your behaviors, choices, and decisions all correlate to create your results.

It's a big fat loop which can be difficult to get out of. The good news is once you figure out what your core beliefs and thoughts are, you can start taking action to make changes.

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