5 Goals Every Entrepreneur Should Consider for 2021

Some New Year’s Resolutions are almost too aspirational. Sure, working out for hours a day seems like a fabulous idea on January 2nd - but by January 5th, we’re all thinking, “well, this isn’t going to last.”

5 Goals for Every Entrepreneur

Thinking about following that strict diet for the whole year? Me too...except when the first fancy dessert presents itself. Then that one cheat day turns into “business as usual.” And of course, by “business as usual,” I mean “voraciously eating every sweet treat within a half-mile radius.”

As entrepreneurs, even we can lose sight of our resolutions, especially ones that don’t directly impact our business. That’s why I’d like you to consider goals over resolutions this year.

Goals give us clearly defined targets to strive for, keeping us actively engaged on the journey to accomplish them.

Here are my top five goal suggestions for entrepreneurs in 2021:

1. Pivot Your Business (or Innovate)

We all thought we were so smart pre-pandemic, didn’t we? We knew exactly where we were going and what our business was going to be...and then everything fell apart in one way or another. Plans changed, stopped, or were put on indefinite pause.

2021 is the time to take a hard look at your business. Review your revenue sources. Where is money coming from - or not coming from that it should be?

What’s changed in the world may have altered your business model and growth opportunities. Ensure your goals align with what the world (or your local market) needs now.

2. Open Your Mind to Opportunities

How can your skills or current business seek new opportunities? Does your candy store need to move online now (send me the link if this applies to you, I told you I couldn’t resist)? Maybe your client needs have shifted. Whatever the opportunity, consider it.

Joint ventures are a fabulous opportunity to grow as well. Consider partnering with like-minded entrepreneurs as a mutually beneficial strategy.

Also, consider the idea that the right partnership may help you expand and take off some burdens (financial, shared resources, etc.). Any time you can lessen risk and increase growth, go for it. Just ask any farmer. Less risk and better growth in all areas is a good thing. No tractors or corn stalks required.

3. Free Up Your Brain Space with Systemization

Systemization streamlines your business. It allows you more generous brain space to concentrate on your growth's more critical aspects.

If you spend all your time attempting to reinvent the wheel, it’s going to be like trying to put a round wheel in a square hole. Not easy. Systemization opens up the flow of work, allowing you the freedom to implement actual change, not just getting caught in the weeds.

4. Entrepreneurial Mindset/Self-Development

Entrepreneur mindset - think big

Most entrepreneurs do what they do for an improved lifestyle and more control of their lives.

You’ll never see an out of shape fitness instructor. They love what they do, and they gradually get better every day.

Make it a priority to work on yourself and build your growth mindset. You don’t have to do 100 push-ups every day, but you absolutely should consider self-development as part of your mental and professional fitness routine. Bonus: you don’t need to sweat much to make it happen.

5. Personal Mission Statement

A personal mission statement acts as your life guide. It incorporates your core values, passions, and natural talents.

Successful companies create mission statements as their North Star to help them stay on track and dedicated to what they represent. Your Personal Mission Statement does the same but is directed around your life. It becomes your narrative in designing a life that’s the most fulfilling and aligned with who you are intrinsically.

Make it idyllic, personally inspirational, and hopeful. You will become what your mission statement is, so make it something to live by.

The clearer you are with yourself and your goals, the clearer your path to success will be. Here’s to a successful 2021 filled with sweet success!

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