5 Best Ways to Improve Your Coaching Skills with a Growth Mindset

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Are you in the business of helping others? If so, focusing on your personal development will make a massive difference in your success. Of course, your clients will benefit as well!

Good news – one of the fastest ways to improve your development is to change your mindset. Dr. Carol Dweck shares in her bestseller 'Mindset: The New Psychology of Success' that all human endeavors can be improved by moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

What's A Growth Mindset

A growth mindset includes the perspective that your skills and talents can continuously improve.

Let's say a person is terrified by the sight of water. This same person can become a phenomenal swimmer once they develop the right mentality. A change of this significance requires an investment of time and self-belief.

Here's another example. Take someone who has no advanced education and is raised in poverty. If this same person adopts a growth mindset, paired with determination, they can create a thriving business and substantial wealth.

Proof a Growth Mindset Works

Here are a couple of names to prove my point: Howard Shultz, CEO of Starbucks. He grew up in government-subsidized housing. Today, he's worth $2.9 billion.

Ever heard of Paul Mitchell? The founder of this mega-beauty line, John Paul DeJoria, was once in foster care. Today his net value is over $3 billion.

Still not convinced? Let me throw in a few more names of those who went from little to lots: Oprah, Larry Ellison, J.K. Rowling.

How Can A Growth Mindset Improve Your Coaching?

It takes immense hard work to shift your mindset. Moreover, in a culture that emphasizes quick turnaround and fast results, investing your time to develop skills can make you feel like you are always falling behind.

The truth is, those with the most tremendous success invest in continual self-improvement. These same people also believe in their limitless potential.

The five best ways to improve your coaching skills with a


1. What Happens When You Stop Being Judgemental

Some people think they have a 'ceiling' for success. Why can't this be a glass ceiling, begging to be smashed through? If you believe you can continue to become better, you will!

Make sure you don't set limitations for yourself or your clients!

In my own experience, I saw this in my golfing lessons. I decided to try out golf and knew I needed professional guidance to embarrass myself a bit less. My friend highly recommended a golf pro.

By my 3rd lesson, I felt this golf pro didn't have much faith in me. Believe it or not, I got worse! I continued for five classes, optimistic I'd start progressing. However, I usually left feeling pretty lousy.

It was time to quit or change! I decided to try another golf pro. This time things were much different - I actually had fun! My new instructor seemed to enjoy working with me and was encouraging. My game improved, and I no longer hated golf.

What a massive shift from wanting to chuck my clubs in the bushes to looking forward to playing!

Can you see how your faith in your clients impacts their results?

From Prison to $25k a Month

I worked with a gentleman about a year ago who had been in prison and didn't make it past 9th grade. He even told me he "was a loser" and incapable of ever being financially stable.

I called his bluff and helped him change his mental story. Yes, he had been in prison, and he wasn't very educated, AND he was absolutely capable of developing a more empowered mindset.

Within four months of working together, his company was bringing in over $25k a month. His past no longer controlled his future. Instead, he was creating a new reality and growing substantially!

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2. Fail More to Progress Quicker

Incorporate this quote, and failure will no longer plague your progress:

The fastest way to succeed is to double your failure rate. Founder of IBM, Thomas J. Watson Sr.

When you align your coaching skills with a growth mindset, you understand frequent mistakes lead to more success.

According to a recent study by Scientific American, 'Learning becomes better if conditions are arranged such that your client makes errors.' By learning how to manage setbacks, your clients become adaptable, which is the key to their future success.

3. Hone Your Listening Skills Like a Dog's

I have a little yapper dog named Pico. Sometimes it seems like Pico's barking at the air, but I trust he is always responding to something beyond my hearing ability.

Your clients find greater fulfillment when you dig below the surface to really hear what they want and why. Once you help them peel back the layers to discover what makes their heart sing, they will blossom!

When you embrace growth mindset coaching skills, you focus on expanded thinking. This process allows you to step into the shoes of your clients to understand their struggles and desires.

4. You Gotta Love Your Clients

Having a growth mindset helps you to develop empathy. I had to believe full-heartedly in my client I mentioned earlier, so he could start to believe in himself.

Look for their talents and natural gifts. EVERYONE has them! Work on developing this aspect of your client because it will make achievement way easier.

5. Keep Updating Your Mindset Coaching Skills

The most successful people continue to learn and develop, regardless of their accomplishments.

Approach new people, courses, and opportunities as though there's something amazing to gain. You'll have a higher chance of finding key takeaways, adding to your growth. This is a growth mindset attitude!

Identify your weaknesses and areas you want to improve. This constant practice is one of the best things you can do for your personal and professional growth and development.


A growth mindset will help you become the best at what you do! Come from a place of possibility, without limits. Pursue risks, make mistakes, and continue to learn. Your clients will greatly benefit, and you'll enjoy the journey too.

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