3 Tips to Boost Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

Updated: May 22, 2021

As entrepreneurs we’ve heard it a million times before: to be a success, you have to think success. Why is it that although we know this, we don’t always do it?

Boost Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

The easy answer is because we get distracted thinking about other what to make for dinner (spoiler alert: maybe just order take-out tonight, because I’ve got a few big ideas I think will make you want to do other things).

In reality, we need to continuously take steps to strengthen our entrepreneurial let’s get to work (and then order the Chinese food).

Entrepreneur Mindset Tip #1:

Kick Limiting Beliefs to the Curb

Nice to know you, but get out. That’s what we all have to say to our limiting beliefs. Like a party guest who’s outstayed their welcome, we need to focus on moving on. Limiting beliefs stunt our ability to grow. By becoming aware that we are limiting ourselves, we can break free from those annoying chains.

I remember when I first was learning to drive. I thought I’d never be able to go on the highway. “Everyone is driving so fast! I’ll get lost! There are too many cars!” Guess what? All of those things didn’t matter once I realized I had to use the highway to get to the shopping mall to meet my girlfriends. Recognize your limiting thoughts and send them on the road - because they can get lost, too - and hopefully, never come back.

Entrepreneur Mindset Tip #2:

A Success Mindset = A Growth Mindset

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Graph

Let me quickly illustrate the difference between a fixed vs. a growth mindset. A fixed mindset is one that approaches life, staying stuck in their current reality. They tend not to move forward because they don’t believe growth and change are possible for them.

In business, having a growth mindset is exceptionally important. Success comes easier for those with a growth mindset because they know they can consistently improve all areas of their lives. If they need to enhance their presentation skills, they figure out how.

In my own experience, I was put to the presentation test. You see, I was insanely petrified of speaking on stage due to PTSD from a childhood dance recital. I got up in front of what felt like 1000’s of people and completely forgot my dance. To say it was horrifying is such an understatement!

Here’s how I put my growth mindset in action. I had written my first book. A woman reached out to ask if I would speak at her live event on my topic. Of course, I said yes even though my gut was tumbling, and I may have vomited a little in my mouth.

I had nine months to prepare. Thankfully, I knew the mindset hacks to overcome fears. So, I got to work, and on the day of the presentation, I got up and fulfilled my intention. I didn’t even get sick or forget my lines! It was a win in my mind!

Since then, I’ve done a lot of speaking engagements. Today, I come from the approach that I have something important to share, and there’s no space for my stupid PTSD! This experience has empowered me in many ways, and my level of success is directly correlated to this growth mindset.

Can you see how your mindset can drastically change what you accomplish in life?

Entrepreneur Mindset Tip #3:

Stretch Yourself As Often As You Can

Entrepreneurial Mindset | Get out of comfort zone | Midori skydiving
Yup, that's me in the purple ...screaming!

No, not like yoga (though that can’t hurt), the mental habit of stretching yourself outside of your comfort zone toward objectives that feel scary is a pattern that the highest achievers implement.

In the driving story, I told earlier, imagine that I never did go on the highway. I stuck to back roads and slow routes. I wouldn’t be able to do so many of the things my younger self loved to do. I couldn’t have gotten to the beach, movie theater, or the mall. By stretching myself to do something out of my then comfort zone, I could do all of those things.

Exploring new ways to grow yourself and your business is how you’ll quickly progress. Hate public speaking? Great, book a presentation in front of a few hundred people. Don’t feel confident in your fashion sense? Hire or trade with a stylist. By forcing yourself to do things outside your comfort zone that hold you accountable, you’ll grow far beyond the imaginary limitations and fears you’ve placed on yourself.

By using each of these strategies, your mindset will soon have to buckle up and get moving - because you’ll be on the fast track to success (or at least the fast track to get some new shoes at the mall - both are good!).

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