Plus Size Model Gives 3 Tips to Feel Beautiful in Lingerie

Plus Size Model

When was the last time you wore lingerie to feel gorgeous?

I interviewed Courtney Maxwell, a plus sized model, for City Chic, which specializes in intimate apparel for larger women, size 14 to 23. She shared insider tips on how to wear lingerie to help us, go beyond the g string and thong, to look and feel sexier.


Tip 1: Start with Undergarments
When you have the correct underwear, it creates a beautiful silhouette that makes your outfit look the best. Wearing Spanx or control underwear are helpful for most of us. It smoothes us out and accents the areas we want to highlight. Our jeans, dresses, and clothes will be more flattering.


Try on different types of lingerie. Courtney loves wearing a corset to give her an instant sexy attitude. A push-up bra may be just the item to make your dress go from attractive to wowza. Watch his head turn when you walk in the room!


Tip 2: Professional Bra Fitting
Courtney says it’s mandatory to get a bra fitting by a skilled expert. She advised to let go of the fear of exposing yourself by realizing they are professionals, with the intent to make you look and feel beautiful.

You want a bra that you don’t notice you’re wearing. Make sure it’s not pushing on your shoulders or riding up your back. Many make the mistake of getting the wrong cup size, so try it on to ensure the ‘girls’ are where you want them.


Tip 3: Gentlemen…Compliment
Regardless of how long you’ve been with your partner, it’s imperative to continue sharing compliments. It can be as simple as a ‘let’s stay in tonight’ type of look. We want to impress you, so when you tell us how beautiful and sexy we look, our confidence grows. Telling your partner or wife you love how incredible they look when wearing your favorite lingerie, will encourage them to do it more often. We know you’ll enjoy that and will probably benefit more in the bedroom as well!


I often talk about the importance of feeling our best. Us women are tough critics on ourselves. Remember, our partners appreciate when we put a little extra effort into our appearance, but our confidence is what makes us most desirable. I encourage you to try on the corset and sexy lingerie with the intent to wear it as the diva you are!


Watch my entire interview with Courtney: 


Courtney grew up on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. She began a career in modeling and in 2009 she moved to Sydney to become the face of City Chic. She is the fit model for all City Chic clothing and now designs Denim, Occasion Wear and Accessories for the brand.


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