Motivation: Let’s Get 2016 Started Off Right.

The holidays are almost over and it’s time to get back on track…check out our round up from Fitness Experts and get some ideas on how to get motivated for the New Year!


“I start my preparation before the holidays.  I clean my apartment before I travel, so when I get back home from the holiday madness everything is clean.  This way when I get back all I have to do is unpack. I then make sure and go to the grocery store and stock up on healthy foods so I don’t eat out.  I eat out a lot when I travel home for the holidays and of course cocktails and wine. Once I get back I will do at least one active thing a day and take it slow.  The first week I ease into working out and don’t over-do it and overwhelm myself.”-Jacqueline Hinton |GOOD BODY PILATES


“Wait until the kids go back to school to make your big changes.  It is hard to start on January 1st when the kids are still home.  Instead, take an hour on New Year’s Day and fill in a calendar with everything you have going on, then plan your workouts accordingly.  You will feel less overwhelmed and more ready to get on track.” –Kim Salzmann, Wellness Consultant.


“My best fitness tips for the New Year include adding a new piece to your workout clothing collection.  Sometimes all it takes for me to get motivated to hit the gym or go for a run is purchasing a new tank top! I like to feel good and look good when I sweat.  Sometimes I use fitness clothes as a reward for reaching my fitness goals (i.e. losing 5 pounds, or a personal best in squats).” -Jenna Transtrum, FOUNDER | SENITA ATHLETICS


“After the festive season stuffed with good food and drinks, it’s always a challenge to get back to a routine. Remember that your body is not shaped by what you do over the holidays – it’s shaped by what you do for the rest of the year!”-Anne Laugeson | WORKOUT PERFECT


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