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Overcome limiting beliefs holding you back, so you can create a more abundant life and business.

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Stop believing fake things about yourself!

I've met many ambitious professionals who have a ton of potential but are stuck. They work their butts off, so of course, they're uber frustrated. The saddest part is by the time they come to me their confidence is crushed and they feel defeated. Guess what?! Their life changes once they learn to retrain their brain, using my system. You deserve to experience a fulfilling life! 

Ask yourself if you're plagued by any of the negative thoughts below:

I'll never be financially free

I'm too old or too young to do...

I'm not smart enough

I have too many commitments

People will see that I'm an imposter

I overthink everything - I'm spinning my wheels

I feel overwhelmed and sad

I'm not as good as others

Life is passing me by - I'm on the sidelines

Your 3 Step Mindset Program

A 90-day program to uncover what’s been holding you back, work through those blocks, to create a thriving, abundant life.


Identify exactly what's holding you back.


Go through a proven, 90-day action plan to create the framework

for success.


Get held accountable to create strategic habits that stay with you for life. Accountability is key!

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About Your Coach

Are you running yourself into the ground trying to be everything to everyone but yourself? Many are so detached from who they were before becoming 'parent, spouse, entrepreneur'; they have no idea who they are anymore. 


Stressed out and spread thin, these highly ambitious people cannot find a way to feel the success they crave or stay focused. 


The worst part is many stay stuck doing what they hate or endlessly chase shiny objects. The result is their confidence and drive eventually become destroyed. 


The underlying key to unstoppable success vs. feeling disappointed is your MINDSET! By transforming your mind, you change your life. That's where I come in. 


What I do for my clients isn't hocus pocus - it's a science-based method, blended with 3 decades of owning 7-figure businesses, topped with emotional support that helps you unlock your true potential.


I'm a certified Human Behavior Specialist, have degrees in communication and sociology from UC Davis. I'm also a super geek in the study of brain science.


Here’s the deal, you can hire the most expensive coach, do all the spiritual work and write down your goals, but if you continue to get trapped in negative thoughts and behaviors, there’s something fundamentally wrong. I can fix that.


Adopted at birth, Midori got herself through the University of California, Davis, then bootstrapped a successful business in the events services space with her husband, which they've ran for 20+ years. Midori owns multiple properties in California, where she's also raised two boys; one, an engineering student at UNR; the oldest, a multi-million dollar marketing agency owner. 


Host of the MOX Life Show

The MOX Life Show is a business and lifestyle show, designed for ambitious professionals, who want to achieve their most inspired and prosperous life.


Midori interviews many recognizable experts on topics ranging from marketing, media strategy, gaining exposure, new technologies, creating a success mindset, and much more!