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Marriage Coach & Relationship Expert

Midori Verity

Midori's coaching process focuses on making marriage easier, so couples enjoy life more! Couples learn to press the reset button and create their new story together. They develop a lifestyle (versus a temporary repair) that has greater excitement, love, and is founded on effective communication. The behavioral & motivation assessments, which are the base of all her coaching, has been well-researched for over 50 years and has been validated and used by over 40 million people.

Midori Verity Marriage Coach

Too often relationships crumble, and families are broken because couples didn’t have the simple tools to help them succeed and thrive.  Midori is dedicated to providing the RIGHT guidance to get you on a happier path quickly.

She is the best-selling author of, ‘Secrets to a Kickass Marriage,’ and host of ‘The Kickass Relationship Show‘.  She’s been featured on major TV networks, publications, and is a frequent speaker on communication and relationships.


A Recognized Relationship Expert

  • Relationship Expert & Strategic Partner for the California Women’s Conference
  • Women Network Virtual Summit Relationship Expert & Co-Host
  • Speaker for Love Builder Summit
  • Speaker for Master Your Magnetism Series
  • Speaker for Highly Irresistible Woman Summit
  • Speaking Empire Certified Speaker
  • Your Tango Contributor


To build a mentally healthier world through inspiring and empowering wildly successful relationships and increasingly higher standards of interaction in families, communities, and societies.

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Midori Verity Marriage Coach with Husband
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