Is the Diet Mentality Sabotaging Your Relationship?


A diet is temporary, it’s a quick fix, right? It tends to take you back to square one as soon as you stop those diet behaviors. Worse, in a lot of cases it can set you back even further than square one.


The reason for that is simple: you’re trying to apply a solution to the symptom, but not actually addressing what the underlying problem is.


A lifestyle is a way of life, it is a complete change in your habits and your mentality. It isn’t just something that you will practice short term, or do for a little while until you think things are better and then go back to your old way of life. It’s a change in your normal way of life.


That same diet mentality could be what is causing a breakdown in your relationship- you might be ignoring the bigger picture in a bid to patch small issues, without actually addressing the root of the problem.



There are 4 key elements to create a relationship that is guaranteed to thrive.


1.  The Core – what is it that is important to you and WHY is it important to you? Dig deep to understand the underlying reason why something is so important to you. When you are clear on the ‘why’ it makes it easier to achieve permanent change.


2.  Change Bad Behaviors – you need to start applying a positive mental attitude. Consider the bigger picture and what behaviors you practice that are having a negative impact on your relationship.


3.  Create New Habits – start working on your communication skills, listen, have a positive attitude and practice these actions, because things aren’t a habit until you engage in them repetitively.


4.  Make it your Lifestyle – it needs to be ingrained in your being; not just a temporary fix that you’re engaging in. Use mental cues to help you recognize the behavior you want to change and know what you want to replace it with.  An example of this can be wearing a rubber band around your wrist.

When you feel anger taking over, snap the rubber band to remind you of the positive behavior or thoughts you want to implement. This works beautifully!


The people that lose weight the most successfully are the people that change their behaviors, adjust their attitudes, and change their lifestyle entirely. It isn’t about just this smoothie, just this calorie counter, just this exercise. These people commit to a new lifestyle.

They change their habits and their mind-sets, and build new habits that involve healthy eating habits, as well as exercise.


Apply those same things to a relationship and as long as you are committed to following up and making it a lifestyle change then you are sure to succeed.

By knowing the core of what you want and why and changing your bad behaviors, you are setting yourself up perfectly to create those new habits.

The three steps combine with the fourth step of making it your lifestyle. It’s going to create a positive, more exciting, and happy lifestyle, which is the foundation of creating a relationship that will blossom, grow, and stand the test of time.


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