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Veronica Monet, ACS: founder of the Exquisite Partnership Formula ™

Veronica Monet, ACS is an internationally acclaimed sexual empowerment change agent. CNN, FOX, Politically Incorrect, Yale, Stanford and UC Berkeley are just a few of the numerous news and educational institutions that have hosted Veronica for her forward thinking insights and expertise.

Veronica coaches courageous individuals and couples in mastering their erotic experience regardless of circumstance, history or health. As a Relationship Coach, Sexologist and Anger Specialist, she combines her extensive education with deep empathy derived from personal experience. Personally overcoming incest, rape, violence and abuse she has not just survived but thrives. Mastering her experience, she is committed to helping others to own their personal empowerment in the most loving and honorable lifestyle tailored for each sacred being she encounters.

Veronica invites you to join her in her sacred space: The Shame Free Zone. Here you will discover her book Sex Secrets of Escorts, as well as her game-changing Exquisite Partnership Formula , a program designed to turn conflict into connection and sex that gets better with each passing year.
Veronica Monet coaches over the telephone, via online video and in-person at her northern California office. She is well versed in transgender, kinky, poly, LGBTQ.

Veronica’s Gift:

and get your copy of Veronica’s brand new Ebook: The Exquisite Partnership Formula – a Guide for Relationships. This full color, 27 page book represents over two years of research and writing as well as over 30 years of life experience and hundreds of thousands of hours of relationship coaching. Veronica promises that your disagreements can be your ticket to awesome sex! Find out how when you download your personal copy of The Exquisite Partnership Formula ™!

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