Importance of Family Synergy in Times of Crisis

As many of you know, I live in Northern California (Sonoma/Napa County). Recently, I witnessed the community I grew up in, become devastated by catastrophic fires. Of course, we are not the only ones affected by natural disasters.

So this 3 Minutes to Thrive was inspired to help couples and families deal more effectively in times of crisis. This includes Job Loss, Challenges with Children and Family, Illness, and anything that brings us to our knees in fear, anguish, stress.


The 5 Steps:


    1. Slow down – Take a deep breath. Calmness is imperative to create clearer thinking. Make sure your mind is in the present moment, avoiding unnecessary worry or anticipation. Often we are focused on the future of what can go wrong. This prevents us from making the most educated decisions, and has no benefit to dealing with the immediate needs.
    2. What’s most important – Assess your situation. How much time do you have? Is there a strong sense of urgency? What’s the severity?
    3. Escape route/plan – Have a backup plan because things often don’t go as desired. Who can you immediately delegate to? If it’s an immediate emergency can the kids round up the animals or grab a photo album.
    4. Move as one unit – By sticking together as a couple and family everyone gains confidence, has a sense of support and can overcome issues easier. You’re all in it together and no one gets left behind.
    5. Mountain Top thinking: When you are challenged by something or a situation, I suggest you move into a higher perspective of thinking. Ask yourself these 3 questions:
      • Will this matter a year from now?
      • What will be the effect 5 years from now?
      • How big of an impact will this have?
      • 5a) Be of service – Volunteer with those who are in need. The benefits far outweigh the time commitment. It helps put your situation into perspective when you realize what others are experiencing. You may also see that what worried you in the past isn’t as important as you had thought.Remember, material possessions can be replaced. When couples or families work positively together through challenging times a stronger bond and a deep trust develops. Life will move forward; obstacles will be overcome; most importantly, this enhanced connection will last a lifetime.

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