How Yoga Improves Your Relationship and Life | Michaela Codding


Michaela originally came to yoga for its physical benefits. As a long distance runner, she was suffering from back and hip pain. Through regular practice, her body started feeling better and she found more ease in her running. In the process of the physical practice, she also discovered the mental benefits of spending time on her mat.

Michaela’s practice taught her to breathe through discomfort, to find her own power and to let go of the inner voice that was telling her “you’re not good enough”. But it wasn’t until Michaela was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in 2015 that she truly became open to the possibility of living life to the fullest potential. Her yoga practice has changed immensely after surgery and radiation but it has supported her through over a year of treatment and into recovery.

Michaela has been teaching yoga for 8 years and has received all of her training through Baron Baptiste. Before teaching yoga, Michaela worked as a personal trainer for several years, which enables her to teach from a strong background in anatomy and therefore keep students safe in their practice.

Michaela strongly believes in finding a balance of strength and ease on and off the mat. Through encouraging students to listen to their own bodies, they are able to find that balance between getting out of their comfort zones toward a place of growth on one hand but feeling safe to modify and take child’s pose on the other.

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