How to Start a Business with Your Spouse

how to start business with spouse

[THRIVE SERIES] My show is about inspiring couples to create the most thriving, exciting, and synergistic life together. Many of us live our lives stuck in jobs we hate, settling for good enough, and staying comfortable despite being unfulfilled. Let’s stop this epidemic right now and create a waaaay better life! Time to chat about how starting a business with your spouse or squeeze, can break you out of this yuck zone. 

Here’s what’s so cool, as a couple, you can support one another to break out of this rut and soar to where you dream of going. Once you understand your Zone of Genius (what you’re naturally great at) and learn to bring out the best in one another, relationships and lives immensely elevate – woo hoo!

This episode is about giving you the confidence and first steps to start your own business.

Why not design the life you really, really want to live?!!! Not easy, but with the right guidance (hello – coach!) you’ll be able to see it and achieve it!

I interviewed Ed Troxell, from Ed Troxell Creative, because he’s a kickass expert at simplifying complicated issues, when it comes to starting a business.

We talk about…

• Figuring out the right biz for you

• Getting started without the overwhelm

• How to avoid shiny objects

• Make decisions that won’t break the bank

• When to delegate to grow biz

Find Out If Your Relationship Will Pass The Rubberband Test!



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