How Splitting Household Chores Can Make You a Better Partner

How Splitting Household Chores Can Make You a Better Partner

Get Dirty to Get More Action

Everyone knows about the dreaded “laundry chair.” We avoid it. We pretend it doesn’t exist. One day, however, the pile of mounting t-shirts, jeans, and socks will continue to grow out of control. You tell yourself that you will fold your clothes right out of the dryer next time to avoid this type of situation, but these types of habits are hard to change. Even worse, when you live with your significant other, you have to adapt to their less-than-stellar practices.

No chores are a joy, but there are some chores that are worse than others. In an effort to find out some of our collective feelings towards chores and how much we dislike them, Porch.coma home services website offering a network of home improvement businesses and resourcesrecently released a survey on this topic. Over 1,000 respondents participated, offering their opinions about the chores they hate and what they would give up to never do chores again.

While some chores are less of a burden, like cooking or cleaning the countertops, there are some that are objectively hated. Chores such as cleaning the toilets and mopping the floors were the least desired by respondents, and a significant number of respondents would even give up drinking or sex to avoid doing those chores. Nearly half of women and about a third of men would give up drinking for a year to never have to clean the toilets again, while a staggering 20% of women surveyed would even forgo sex if it meant they didn’t have to clean the porcelain throne again.

Whether it’s leaving a full sink of dishes to eat out in a restaurant or pushing down the overflow from the overstuffed trash can instead of taking it out, tactics like this are not only unproductive but they become more problematic in a shared living space. Ignoring the chores typically makes the situation worse…and dirtier. Eventually, someone will need to complete the task; oftentimes, that means putting in significantly more work that could be avoided by simply doing the chore when it’s time.

Don’t Sweep Things Under the Rug

To avoid situations like this from happening, establishing good cleaning habits can create positive changes in the home. So, instead of sweeping your problems under the rug, so to speak, address your discomfort with chores head on. Talk about these issues with your S.O. and find common ground.

Cohabitating comes with its own unique obstacles, including balancing personal space and learning each person’s personal habits. It’s key to be open-minded and focused on working together to have a happy home and loving relationship. It’s not easy to share a living space with another person if they aren’t working as hard as you are to keep the peace. Something as simple as a clean home can have far-reaching positive impacts on both your relationship and your health.

#TruthBomb Happy Wife = Happy Life

Keeping up with a clean home with a partner is an important part of finding balance in a relationship. Here are some tips:

  1. Determine which chores will be shared and which ones will be taken care of by one of you
  2. Rotate the chore list to avoid becoming tired of doing the same thing
  3. Experiment around with different plans that work best until you find a routine that works
  4. Keep an open mind and listen to your significant other’s wants and needs
  5. Ensure that you are both giving an equal amount of effort to keeping things clean
  6. Finally, for the chores that you both dread or the ones with a higher learning curve, it might be best to hire a professional. You can support local entrepreneurs and avoid having to deal with the most despised tasks. Win-win.

A change of perspective can be a good thing. Creating a clean environment is shown to improve productivity and has the potential to lead to a healthier lifestyle. So, prioritize those daily, weekly, and even monthly chores—your relationship will improve when you are both working together.

Author, Shaina Sklar

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