Holiday Shopping with Your Spouse







•Have the holidays become overshadowed by the stress of shopping, wrapping, and overall, busyness? Start a new tradition of holiday shopping with your spouse. The stress of doing all the shopping alone can be overwhelming and not much fun. Why not make it a shared tradition that you both look forward to.  Here are some guidelines to make your new tradition, successful.


•Plan well.  Make sure you have a spreadsheet of those needing gifts, ages and sizes, and budget for each person. Look at your list before hand and strategize which stores  you’ll find the most gifts. Another option is to focus on purchasing gifts for just one side of the family, to help narrow it down.


•Set a time limit.  Remember that you want to make this a tradition, so set a reasonable time limit for shopping. Men have been known to turn into zombies if you make them shop too long. Many of us women can become a bit witchy, when forced to be in crowded stores, with long lines, and no new shoes or jewelry for us. Although, I’m sure this does not describe any of my readers!


•Make a goal.  Decide how many gifts you want to purchase within your time limit.  This adds a challenge and keeps the focus on what you set out to accomplish.


•End with a celebration!  This is the most important part. If you each know there’s a fun reward at the end, it’ll make it more enticing to maintain this new holiday tradition!


Whenever you can create a win-win situation, with a cocktail and great food at the end, you know you nailed it!  Happy shopping!

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