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Fixed Mindset

By Midori Verity, Mindset Coach


Why a Growth Mindset Succeeds!

What’s the big deal about a fixed mindset vs. a growth mindset? More importantly, how’s it impacting your life?! This terminology has been popularized by Carol Dweck, Ph.D., researcher and professor at Stanford University, to describe the way people think about their abilities and talents. A person with a growth mindset believes they can continually improve, accomplish goals, and is optimistic about their future. They are more likely to flourish and have a fulfilling life. 

Growth Mindset Transformation

Charlie’s Transformation

Let me share a story about a friend who had a massive transformation - seriously massive! I’ve known Charlie (not his real name) for over 30 years but stayed in touch only through Facebook. Charlie loved to post about his challenging life. His posts were either about what was wrong with the world, how he was struggling, or other negative thoughts. 

Ever since I knew Charlie, his life would go up for a while, but almost predictably, it came crashing down.

It was like he was constantly torturing himself but had no idea. I was confident I could help him. His fixed mindset was uber strong, and we needed to shift him to a growth mindset.

Story continued below...

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset Traits

Growth Mindset traits & Fixed mindset tr

3 A's to Create a Stronger Growth Mindset

To start creating beliefs that empower you and invite success, remember the 3 A’s System:

1.  Awareness - Identify Every Limiting Belief.

Use the question below to help you discover what you’re saying to yourself. Think of something you’ve wanted to accomplish, become, or do for a long time but have not because of excuses that rise up.

I’d love to _________________, but I'm resisting because ______________. 


Then ask, 'what's scaring me from taking the action?'


For example: I’d love to become an author, but I don’t have enough time, experience, or money right now.


Once you’ve filled in the blanks, go back, and examine your reasons for not achieving your desired accomplishment. Keep asking yourself what's scaring you and why, until you have vetted out all your rationalizations. You should have uncovered a few beliefs that have held you back.

This exercise helps you replace your fixed mindset with a stronger growth mindset.

2. Action - A 90 Day Blueprint to Rewire your Mindset

Now that you’re aware of the negative thoughts you want to change, you need a plan to make it happen. I have all my clients create a 90-Day Success Blueprint, where we take these 5 proven actions to rewire negative thoughts:

  1. Write out your most common negative self-statements

  2. Next, write out how you're going to replace these statements with positive

  3. Get crystal clear on the goals you want to accomplish

  4. Outline specific steps for every day, to break the cycle

  5. Weekly calls to keep pace with your goals

  6. After 90-days most negative self-statements will be gone, and goals will be achieved. AND you'll have created a growth mindset which will help you excel from now on!

3. Accountability - Someone to Have Your Back….

You may have crystal clear goals and intentions. However, it's extremely easy to be thrown off course. You may lose momentum due to a setback, or get distracted by a shiny object. Having a group, mentor or coach is often the determining factor in your level of success.


They are there to push you through challenges and ensure you’re sticking to your plan. 


Think of a fitness trainer that you hire. How many times have you put off going to the gym because you’re tired, unmotivated, or too busy? However, if your trainer is expecting you, you’re far more likely to go and work out harder.


Now imagine you’re working toward your goals in your 90-Day Blueprint and then life happens.

Your taxes are due and require your attention. That promotion you expected is given to your rival.  Your kid comes home with a weak report card, and you realize he needs more help. How common is it for confidence to erode, excitement to evaporate, and momentum to be lost?


Having a person you’re accountable to will keep you on course!


When your negative beliefs are replaced with empowering ones, success and joy are a natural outcome. Your decisions become more clear and easier because your mind isn’t cluttered with self-doubt.

Back to Charlie

A week ago, I received a message from Charlie saying he made $12,000 last month and was on track to make $20,000 this month. Since we worked together, he’s gone on vacation (his 1st), has the confidence to bid out jobs (before he would avoid meeting potential clients), and focuses on the positive in his life! 

All it took was Charlie becoming aware of his belief and behavior patterns. The next step was having tools and a clear plan. We also check in to make sure he’s staying on course. However, he was the one who chose to shift his mindset and has remained committed. 

What big goals or dreams have you been putting off? Do you envision having a wildly successful business that affords you a yearly trip to the Bahamas? It all starts and ends with your mindset.


Your mindset predicts your future.


Limiting beliefs sabotages dreams.


The right thoughts elevate you

to your highest potential.

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Midori went through a debilitating mid-life crisis which led her to seek answers. She was introduced to a brain science methodology which allows you to take back control of your life. Not only did she overcome her depression, she created the rewarding life she had always wanted. Today, she helps hundreds of others to do the same.


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