From Stilettos to the Stock Exchange

Have you suppressed your dreams and aspirations because you feel you don’t have enough education, money, knowledge, etc.? Tina Aldatz has a 10th-grade education, spent two years as a youth in a shelter, and is a Hispanic woman. Despite these facts, she worked her way up to selling her first business for $14 million dollars. Here’s a glimpse of her story of how she made it.


It Started with a Vision

Tina loved fashion and dreamed of being a business woman, wearing high heels, carrying a briefcase, and strutting down the street in New York City, with an air of confidence and beauty. This passion combined with a need from a childhood accident kept her focused and moving forward despite the challenges.


The Need

When she was nine years old, Tina stepped on unseen, hot coals at the beach, which caused severe burns to her feet. This damage continues to bother her to this day. She knew her image in the fashion industry would not be complete without a pair of stilettos. She wore bulky, ugly, inserts to ease some of the pain from the shoes but was not satisfied with this solution. Thus, she created Foot Petals, as a more attractive, yet practical, option.


Her Lucky Break

‘Sex in the City’ costume designer, Patricia Fields, discovered Foot Petals. The famous actresses from this show loved them, helping to catapult Tina’s company from the kitchen table to a $10 million dollar international company.


Eventually, she was able to sell to a publically traded company for $14 million. Hence, the inspiration for the title of her book, ‘From Stilettos to the Stock Exchange. Inside the life of a Serial Entrepreneur’.


How She Overcame the Mental Obstacles from Her Childhood

Tina shared several tips on how she crushed perceived limitations.


1. Don’t let your circumstances define you.
Tina knew what she wanted and continued taking steps to get there. There were several challenges along the way, but each time she picked herself up and kept going. Determination and vision were all she had, but that was enough.


2. Fashion can transform a person to create a desired persona.
She talked about a situation when she and her sister were feeling beautiful, playing fashion show, as they tried on clothes, which were donated to the shelter. They were having a fabulous time until she realized these were second-hand items and that she and her sister were seen as charity. She decided at that moment she would not be defined by this undesirable term. Tina also learned during this episode that clothes can act as a costume to transform you visually to be that which you choose. This knowledge was power and became her passion.


3. Fake it until you make it.
The world views us based on a perception, so decide who you want to be and keep striving until you achieve it. Find your passion and stick with it because that is your calling.


Today Tina has started a new company, once again based on a need. It’s called, Savvy Traveler. The business provides consumers with single-use products designed to make travel more comfortable and simpler.


More importantly, she devotes much of her time to mentoring young ladies, with similar childhood challenges, to become independent, confident women. She is also a community activist inspiring others to live by the mindset that success comes from within.



TINA ALDATZ is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, an author, and film producer. She made her mark on the world as a self-starting entrepreneur and founder of Foot Petals, a successful multi-million dollar company recognized by Inc. 500 as one of the “500 fastest growing companies in America.”  Tina continues to be featured in media such as Entrepreneur Magazine, and Forbes named her an “entrepreneur to watch”. Currently, Tina is the CEO of Savvy Travelers, a line of  high performance cosmetic wipes that are individually packed in a disposable sheet form that make life easier and healthier for any on-the-go woman.  Read Tina’s autobiography, ‘From Stilettos to the Stock Exchange: Inside the Life of a Serial Entrepreneur’. In the book, Tina shares her core business values and practices that have led her from poverty to success.




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