Finding Fulfillment to Crush Depression

Jason Weisgerber - Finding Fulfillment to Crush Depression

Have you ever felt deep sadness, a loss of hope, and no end in sight?


I recently interviewed Jason Weisgerber, author of The Enoughness Sessions’.  He shared his experience with depression and how he finally escaped it’s grip by focusing on regaining a particular feeling he achieved in one moment of clarity.


His online audio series, which he has now made into a book called, ‘Enoughness: Finding True Fulfillment and Living A Fully Expressed Life’ he dives into his story and how he experienced a life changing epiphany one late night in a Los Angeles city park. He talks of his quest to recreate that moment and the importance of realizing what makes one feel enough.


Jason describes the sense of ‘Enoughness’ as a state of being; recognizing your inherent value. It can also be called ‘fulfillment’. It’s a feeling of personal peace and completeness. This feeling is unique to every individual.  The power comes from being aware of this feeling and finding a way to re-create it. Jason says, “Knowing what it feels like invites more of it into your life”.


Power of a Fully Expressed Life

He grew up as a painfully introverted boy, who barely spoke until he turned fourteen years old.  It took ten years of acting classes to help him feel comfortable around others. Jason’s childhood experience makes it no surprise that he believes that those who are able to live a fully expressed life are those who have the key to happiness, joy, fulfillment, and peace.


The Awakening
One night, when Jason was at his lowest point, he took himself to the movies, in an attempt to escape his darkness, for a short while.   He remembers leaving the New York theater around 2am and walking toward a city park. The clutch of despair held him hostage as he dropped to the ground, no longer able to take another step. He began punching the cold, unyielding asphalt, yelling out into the darkness, too absorbed by his brokenness to care about the pain. Finally, he rose to his knees, lifted his head to witness a magical illumination of his surroundings.

Jason described it as though someone lifted the heavy, wet wool blanket of depression so he could see the aliveness and beauty, of the world, if only for a second. He had a fully immersed sense of peace and true bliss.


Returning to That Moment
As Jason walked home after this surreal experience, he knew the was still suffering and lost. However, after a period of time that he had to reflect on his moment in the park, he realized his happiness couldn’t be found in a visualization, but in discovering that feeling again.  It was in his search to recreate this consciousness he had in the park, through meditation and deep thought, that he knew he’d find his fulfillment.

I encourage you to listen to the full interview to hear Jason speak in depth about ‘Enoughness’ and how he found his inner peace. His book is his inspiration, to help others in pain, know the steps to discover happiness once again.


Here’s  the full interview:



Jason is a keynote speaker on fulfillment as well as the creator and host of the online audio brand,The Enoughness Sessions. The program is based on his book, Enoughness: Finding True Fulfillment and Living a Fully Expressed Life. After 10 years of struggling as an actor in Los Angeles and New York, he came to the end of his rope. Literally. A life-saving breakdown/breakthrough at 2am in a Los Angeles City Park lead to a drastic change in his state of mind and the course of his life. The manuscript details this personal transformation and triumph along with the resulting philosophy of Enoughness.

Jason has an eclectic educational background as a professionally trained actor with a degree in Business as well as a Theological Masters in Consciousness Studies. He is equally self-taught and formally-educated.




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