Celebrity Trainer Secrets to Get Quick Results from Mark Wahlberg’s Trainer

Celebrity Trainer Brian Nguyen

Recently, I conducted an interview with Brian Nguyen, the professional fitness trainer of Mark Wahlberg, Adam Sandler, and a slew of other celebrities. During out chat, he revealed some juicy celebrity trainer secrets on how to get long-lasting results that will make you look as great as you feel.

About Brian

Brian has spent decades training athletes, celebrities, and moms. He began with sports medicine in UCLA and eventually took that medicine background into the realm of sports. He started to focus on treating football players, and during the off seasons, began working on movies as a fitness consultant for celebrities. He worked with the Rock, Will Ferrell, and finally, Mark Wahlberg.

Now, Brian owns his own gym in California, which he jokingly referred to as his “own version of Cheers.” The gym has over 200 members and the clientele is largely a tightly knit community of “hot moms.” He shared some of fitness’s best kept secrets with us, and gave some great tips on how everyone can achieve that trim, powerful, and sexy look they’re after:

1)  Move well, move often. Brian was very emphatic on the fact that we live in a very sedentary society. People simply don’t move enough. What’s more, they don’t have specific goals set for where they want to go on their fitness journey. He advises everyone to set a destination point, because if you don’t know where you’re going, you can’t draw the map.

2)  Find a buddy. If you haven’t worked out in a while—say, over a year—then you need to sit down and see what’s causing the motivation for you to change. If you’re serious, Brian emphasized that you need to find a social network of support. In almost 20 years of experience, he has never seen people accomplish their fitness goals on their own. We’re social beings, he stated, and if we don’t start our fitness with someone else, we are more inclined to fall off the wagon. We need to be held accountable, and we’re more likely to follow through if someone else is pushing us forward.

3)  No mouse wheel workouts. Brian was surprisingly dismissive of the much-loved treadmill workout. He referred to treadmills as “mouse wheel workouts,” stating that when a person doesn’t really know how to build muscle, they will often just put on headphones and go to the treadmill. However, he stressed that treadmills put our bodies in a position that doesn’t really challenge it. Muscle is the true fat burner (“the guzzler of fat”) and being on a “mouse wheel” doesn’t make you more muscular. Brian was also careful to stress that muscular doesn’t necessarily mean “bulky”; it just means that your body’s engines are working.

Brian was very passionate about emphasizing how fitness is ultimately a commitment. With the proper mindset, everyone can arrive on the other side of their journey as an improved, powerful, and sexier version of themselves!

Brian is a Power Plate expert and owner of BRIK Fitness gym in Redondo Beach, CA. He is also Mark Wahlberg’s trainer and has trained many other celebrities on Power Plate.


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