Build Your Resilience and Confidence to Feel Unstoppably Sexy

Ferlie Almonte

Learn 3 Tips to Gain Your Unstoppable Sexiness by Building Your Resilience and Confidence

Show Notes:

Ferlie shares the steps she took to find resilience when she was faced with death and other turmoil. Midori and Ferlie discuss 3 Actions on how to find your inner brilliance and feel unstoppable sexy. This is a very inspirational episode for anyone suffering set backs, challenging times, or looking to become even more fabulous!


Motivational Speaker. Resilience and Confidence Expert. Professional Emcee. International Best Selling Author. Certified Life and Image Coach-Consultant. Inspirational EDUtainer. Inspirational Jewelry Designer.

There is no simple way to describe this multi-talented visionary. Out of her personal catastrophic experiences, Ms. Almonte created a magnificent brand and has emerged into a Global Resilience Leader. Born in the Philippines, but now residing in New Jersey, Ms. Almonte travels the world to speak, hosts important events, concerts and fundraisers, and provides workshops and coaching programs on Resilience, Life Reinventions, Image, Confidence and Public Speaking to private clients, corporations and organizations.

Passionately driven by her mission in life to be The Voice of Hope and Resilience, Ms. Almonte lives to inspire and empower people to rise above their adversities, and help them explore their possibilities, and embrace new beginnings through her diverse areas of expertise.

Ms. Almonte has co-authored three life changing best sellers: Empowering Transformations for Women, Pure Genius: Simple Solutions that Work to Light Up your World, and Women Innovators: Leaders, Makers and Givers, Volume One, and is completing her fourth and fifth books for 2017 release. Ms. Almonte is launching her multi-city One Woman Motivational EDUtainment show, “Make your Mess your Message” by Fall 2017. In this original and extraordinary fusion of Motivation and Entertainment, Ms. Almonte she will take you on an extraordinary life changing experience with her remarkable personal stories of resilience and powerful repertoire of original songs.

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