Break Free From Family Money Patterns

Show Notes:

Luci shares how to break free from family money patterns to gain financial freedom. She talks about the connection with our family’s approach to money and how we often carry that into our adult lives.

What You’ll Discover:

• Tools to change long held destructive money beliefs passed down from our family

• How to focus on that which is around you to naturally create an abundance mindset

• Simple exercise to find ways to make money

Luci’s 4 step approach is incredibly simple and she shows you how to find opportunities for income that you’ll enjoy and is probably not what you expected!

Luci McMonagle Bio:

Luci McMonagle transformed her poverty-stricken life that she grew up in into one of abundance, wealth, and happiness by working less and making more money.

She is the Mystic Wealth Creator and focuses on mentoring Conscious, Mystical Entrepreneurs to create more freedom in their business & life through conscious wealth creation so they can make a BIG impact in the world while leaving a legacy.

Luci is an expert on energy clearings and empowers others with her unique approach blending practical tools with spirituality that enables hidden blocks to be transmuted. This opens the doors for more powerful creativity and more wealth to flow.


These are 21 quick tips (under a minute or two to ready) daily emails that will help you start manifesting more money, have more freedom and experience more joy in your life and finances. It will help you have a new perspective, and help you look at things in a new and fresh way so you can start shattering the financial glass ceilings.

Magical Money Manifestations is a practical and spiritual guide for women to have more money, more freedom
and more joy in their lives. It covers money mindset, changing beliefs and what it takes to go from poverty
to riches.

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