Boudoir Photography to Spice Up Marriage with Claire Dobson

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Relationships are constantly in need of spicing up; even if you have a happy marriage, trying something new won’t hurt at all.

In fact, it might even lead to a new tradition or trend in the bedroom. I recently interviewed Claire Dobson, a professional photographer who specializes in boudoir shoots.

It was so amazing to get to hear from a photographer’s point of view what she sees when women come for boudoir photos. I was so inspired to hear her talking about the absolute confidence that these women experience and the fact that they lose all inhibitions in front of the camera.


 Many people believe boudoir shoots to be inappropriate as it involves subtle hints of nudity, but if it is conducted by an expert photographer like Claire, it can turn out to be pretty classy.

With the right props, angles, and poses an everyday woman becomes a vintage model, igniting sparks back into the relationship by casting only as much as a glance in the direction of the camera. Claire Dobson mentions that when she started doing boudoir shoots it had made her uncomfortable too, but seeing the transformation she saw in her first client, she got hooked.


An interesting topic that she touches on is the fact that it could seem like it is supporting the view that women should be sexually objectified. As an independent woman herself, Claire says she wasn’t too keen on the idea.

She mentions however that it is an eye-opener to see how free these women felt; how sexy they could be, knowing no one would be watching them.

And I bet if they slipped one of those racy photos underneath their partners’ pillows, that there would be a whole lot more sexy feelings going on!


 According to Claire many women start out as feeling uncertain about what would happen in studio. Somehow they muscle up their inner moxie and make the appointment, because they want to excite their husbands or gift it to them on a special occasion.

She says that even professional models feel insecure and tell her that they don’t want to show certain parts of their body! Claire mentions that everyone feels awkward the first time around which is why she makes sure that she puts them at ease through email, even before they have met.

To her everyone is self-conscious about their bodies, even herself, but it is all about celebrating your imperfections in a safe area and feeling like you are the most powerful woman in the world.


Claire has worked hard to create a comfortable environment for her clients. She has a studio set up with hair and make-up artists so that women can go through the whole ‘glamour procedure’ and feel beautiful even before they start the shoot.

She says that the more comfortable the client is, the more open they will be to losing themselves in the feelings and sensations that they feel whilst she is photographing them.


 With the right photographer and behind-the-scenes team, a boudoir shoot can be an empowering, confidence-building experience and shouldn’t be something to fearful of. If you’re not doing it for your man, then do it for yourself! You should feel sexy at all times.







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