Benefits to LOTS of SEX

What cuts your risk of cancer, heart disease, boosts your libido, makes you happier, and clears your complexion? No, it’s not the latest super-food or wonder drug. It’s sex. The act of having sex is fabulous for your overall health but achieving orgasm is even better. Here are several benefits:


1.   Boosts libido. The more sex you have, the more you want it. When you are stimulated the vaginal lubrication and blood flow increase. This increase, consequently, makes you desire more sex.


2.    Cut prostate cancer. Studies show a correlation between men who have more orgasms and a reduction in prostate cancer.


3.    Lowers blood pressure. There are several studies that indicate a positive effect of sex on lowering blood pressure. It’s a physical activity, thus good for your heart, in most cases. Studies have shown that your risk of dying from a stroke or heart attack goes down as the occurrence of orgasms go up.


4.     Combats stress. Scientists believe sex reduces stress because of it’s neurological effect on your brain. The best part is that this healthy effect lasts longer than the comforting effect we achieve from eating sugary foods. Bonus, it’s less fattening too!


5.    Want to look younger? Yup, sex is the answer again! It creates a natural glow and puts you in a happier mood. Who doesn’t want that?


6.    Be happier. Oxytocin is a chemical released in your brain, during sex. It’s our pleasure hormone; that lets us know we are happy.


7.     Sleep better. If all the above wasn’t enough to get you wanting to get busy in the sheets, rest assured that you’ll sleep better, after messing up those sheets. Best part is, you’ll wake up refreshed and energized, so why not take another romp in the hay?!


Intimacy is a large part of every healthy relationship.  Good to know there are added benefits to sex, so do it often, and enjoy!


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