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Midori Verity,

Mindset Coach

Midori went through a debilitating mid-life crisis which led her to seek answers. She was introduced to a brain science methodology which allows you to take back control of your life. Not only did she overcome her depression, she released the woman who had been hiding inside of her for years – one filled with confidence and determination to do whatever she set her mind to. Today, she helps hundreds of others have similar transformations.



As a mindset coach, author, TV-show host of ‘The MOX Life Show’, and seasoned entrepreneur for 25+ years, Midori Verity assists ambitious professionals with reaching a higher level of success by replacing their subconscious mental barriers.


Midori is a DISC certified Human Behavioral Specialist, personally trained by the women who created the program used by Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki. You may have seen her on CBS, Fox News, and Martha Stewart.

Her interest in mindset and psychology began when she attended University of California, Davis to receive her degrees in Communications and Sociology.