7 Tips to Spice up your Sex Life

If the romance and passion in your long-term relationship has become a distant memory, it may be time to reignite your sex life.


Life tends to get in the way of what was once spontaneous and electrifying intimacy. Children’s soccer games, dishes, work, commitments, and everything else, often cause sex to be the last thing on our minds.


Here’s a way to get that mojo back. Try a weekend away, just for two, to help spice things up – aka ‘sexcation’.

Here are the steps to do a sexcation right!


•Frame of mind. Time to get your sexy on! Begin to think of how you and your partner used to be romantically and sexually. Know that this vacation you’re going to take it to a new level, expanding your mind and releasing inhibitions.


•Sexting. Start texting sexy suggestions to your significant other. Leak that there are surprises in store but keep them a secret. Do this every day prior to vacay.


•Get clean. Your guy will go crazy if you get a Brazilian wax. If the fear of the pain is too much, at least shave it all off. Yes, all! If it’s your 1st time for a Brazilian, I suggest doing it a week ahead of time. Skin can be very sensitive and this will allow some recovery time.


•Lingerie / sexy wear. Wear a more risque style than you’ve worn in the past. Bodystocking, crotchless underwear for dinner, thigh-high boots, stilettos (for room only. We don’t want you breaking your leg & ruin the weekend!).


•Toys – Vibes. Bring em’ if you have them or have it delivered discreetly to your hotel. Have your significant other pick it up and open the surprise inside. If this doesn’t turn he or she on, you may need to check their pulse! Sex play is a great way for married couples to reignite their passion.


•Loosen up. Have a bottle of champangne or your favorite wine ready to greet you in the room. We’re not suggesting you get tanked, but a glass or two can help with relaxation, celebration, and releasing mental restraints. Champagne is one of the world’s sexiest beverages.


•Pack light foods. If things go well you may never leave the room. Pack some little nibbles to keep your energy up and to show your partner that you have thoroughly planned for this incredible night/day/morning (hopefully all 3)! Cheese, crackers, strawberries, chocolate, etc. Nothing too filling or messy…unless it’s whipped cream or something of that nature.


Intimacy in a long-term relationship builds trust, companionship, and love. Try to get away as a couple two to three times a year. Studies show the importance of maintaining a positive sexual relationship, so why not get creative and enjoy the ride…yes, pun intended!


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