5 Things All Women Need in a Relationship


5 Things All Women Need in a Relationship


It’s very likely that men and women are from separate universes. I envision that the women’s universe is sparkly, smells of flowers, and has trees made of chocolate and strawberries.


The men’s planet probably has a lot of TV’s, and less chatter. Possibly the two universes collided and we were forced to co-exist. Whatever happened, the fact is if we could get into each other’s brains it would probably be an epic disaster! (Think about that a moment!)


Yes, you need to keep some thoughts to yourself. We are all better off not truly hearing what the other is thinking but understanding the main points and nuances.


Use this as a helpful guide and appreciate that she is not the same as you. There’s a reason nature gave you your package and gave her boobs!



1) Be a Super Listener!


OMG, some men are horrendous at this, and that’s why it’s at the top of my list. There is science that backs the belief that men’s hearing is not as sensitive as women’s.


However, that is not going to help you have a healthier relationship. Lo siento! Make it a point to be mentally present when having a conversation with your main squeeze. Fully listen to what she is saying and respond by summing up what you believe she is saying. Make sure you are correct before offering your retort.


Women tend to chatter more than men, but that chatter is important to us. So please listen attentively and respond positively.


2) Be Her Hero


Yes, we do want a stud muffin. A woman will grow more connected to the guy who she knows has her back in any situation and knows he is her personal superhero.


Stand up for what’s right, especially when it involves your kids or your squeeze. I don’t mean kicking someone’s butt for telling her that her lipstick doesn’t match her dress.


It’s about reassuring her that your strength, mental or physical, overshadows negativity directed at her or your family.


3) Laugh & Play


There’s nothing worse than seeing a couple that has lost their sense of humor. Life can stink at times, but when you have the laughter muscle built strong, your world is easier.


Find time and ways to play together and laugh a fricking lot! Go to a comedy show, try something new and uncomfortable, laugh at yourself, and tell jokes. Make fun a part of your lifestyle together.


Humor and enjoyment are a frame of mind. What I mean by this is that you choose how to respond to situations. If you do the laundry and all clothes turn the color of flowers, you can either be frustrated or find the humor in it. Get it?


4) Make Her Your Sex Object


Women are bombarded with media that suggests they should be thinner, prettier, and the Botox generation makes us think we shouldn’t age! Talk about pressure! You have the divine power to reinforce her confidence.


If she feels desired by you, she’ll hold her head higher, be happier, and able to take on the world with more strength.

The best way to accomplish this is to flirt like you are eighteen again. Tell her how hot she is, how she makes you feel, and what you’d like to do in privacy with her.


Even if she seems embarrassed or tells you to stop, she secretly loves it! Remind her that her curves drive you mad and every time she smiles at you, it causes you to melt a bit.


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5) Make Time


Make her a priority by setting aside time every day, where she has your undivided attention. You’ll need to put away all technical devices and actually talk. This will make her feel appreciated and important in your world.


Often it’s easiest to do this at the end of the day. If you notice you’re burned out, or thoughts of work are consuming your brain, at this time, here are some suggestions. Can you have lunch together? You might not be able to physically be in the same place. However, you can visit each other virtually. Zoom.us, Skype, or Facetime make it easy to accomplish this.


Another idea is to get yourself in a different frame of mind. On your drive home take a few deep six second breaths. As you let go of your breath, envision that you are releasing the thoughts that aren’t serving you right now. Once you’re done with this exercise, shift your mind to enjoying seeing your wife or partner.


Think of interesting or funny things you want to share with her. Make it a ritual to focus on a positive conversation. Although there may be unpleasant topics that need to be discussed, keep this planned, carved out time for an enjoyable moment to celebrate your relationship and life. There will be plenty of time to discuss business or the less fun realities of life.


Remember, she’s yours, and you are damn lucky to have one another, so honor her, appreciate her, and express your gratitude every chance you have. This is how you build a strong, happy, and long-term relationship. By the way, this is also the foundation to a delightful life!


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  1. Bryan says:

    I take out time for her everyday which makes her happy and I think its the best thing to do if you want to keep the spark alive.

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