5 Steps to Positive Affirmations

Midori 5 Steps Positive Affirmations

I share 5 Steps to Positive Affirmations in this 3 Minutes to Thrive Series. Learn this easy technique to change the mental recording in your mind to create new beliefs that help you achieve the goals you want! The biggest obstacle keeping you from success is your mindset. This short video could change that in 90 days!


What is a positive affirmation?  A positive affirmation is about changing a behavior or belief that you don’t want in your life, and replacing them with new truths about yourself.  Examples could include being more physically fit, having higher self-confidence, achieving more wealth, or living in a happier, more connected relationship.

Here are the 5 Steps to Positive Affirmations

1.   Write it in present tense, as though it’s already happened

2.   Use only positive words. Do not include any negative words such as, no, never, not, quit, hate, etc.

3.   Be concise and precise.  The shorter the sentence the better. Think of Twitter.

4.   Include an action word.  Here’s an example for a positive affirmation to get healthier. “I feel boundless energy and health as I run around daily.”

5.   Add a feeling word that entices emotion, such as, exhilarated, excited, overjoyed.


•  Limit your list to ten or less positive affirmations, at a time.  Read them for a minimum of 90 days straight (this has been updated since video was recorded).

•  Place your list where you will easily see it twice a day.  I suggest taping it where you brush your teeth.

•  Read it out loud, in the mirror, at least twice a day. Preferably first thing in the morning and last thing before going to sleep.

•  Say each affirmation with drama and hand movements.  Make sure you’re looking at yourself while you repeat your statements. I know…you may look funny but this makes it more effective!

• Take time to visualize yourself living with your new belief.  Get very detailed. Hear it, see it, feel it, smell it.  Who are you with, what are you doing, how do you feel, what are you wearing, what are people doing around you? Get it? Make it as clear as possible.


The above techniques are based on brain science (aka neuroscience), which has been studied extensively to show that humans are able to expand our capabilities and crush limitations, by implementing practices such as positive affirmations. Many notice changes in their mindset within twenty-one days. I recommend continuing with the same affirmations for a minimum of thirty days.

You have nothing to lose! Try it for 90 days and see if you experience anything.  It has helped me do a 180º in my life and open doors I never believed I could in the past.  Let me know your experience!

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