3 Things You Can Do To Strengthen Your Connection

Do you feel that you and your partner are living on separate planets but under the same roof?

Do you find yourself thinking about the way it used to be – laughing often and having fun?

Does your partner not look at you the same, with lust filled eyes, or with the look of adoration?

This disconnect is common in most relationships BUT if you incorporate the tips below, you’ll be on your way back to him/her undressing you again, with their eyes!


1.  Flirt!


Flirting is what connected you in the beginning.

Get provocative. You’re in a relationship, so saying sexy, inappropriate, sweet nothings to each other is fun.  Every relationship is different so know your limits…but push them!

Be playful. Grab his/her butt as they walk by. Suggest a game of strip poker or couple’s Truth or Dare game.

Seduction. Ladies, give them that come get me look, with a slight, sexy smile. Guys, giving your partner a foot massage will change your world! Just make sure you pay attention to her response, move up the leg sensually, and take action at the right time. Click here for further ideas on how to spice up your relationship .


2.  Plan your dates nights religiously!

Dating is essential to every long-term relationship.  Get out your calendar and pick at minimum one night per month that you go on an exclusive date.  Treat this as you would an important business meeting. There are to be no cancellations or interruptions from electronic devices…unless it’s a toy 😉  Click here for unique date ideas.


3.  Keep it fresh!

Psychologically we crave excitement. If we ignore the part of ourselves that pushes our limits to try new experiences or do things that scare us a little, we often become bored and lazy.  It’s important to push ourselves out of our comfort zone.  Who better to do it with than our romantic partner? You don’t need to jump out of a plane, or even a tree. Just mix it up a bit.  Try a new class together; wine tasting, dancing, cooking. Be a tourist is a city near by. Host a party that breaks your norm. Here are a few ideas:


Theme party – disco, sports, red carpet


Mixology party – every couple is responsible for creating and sharing their signature cocktail


Game night – Blackjack, Charades, Catchphrase


I believe in creating a ‘lifestyle’ that I call the Z’luxe Lifestyle.  It’s about enjoying your relationship, achieving your ultimate life, and living well. These tips need to become a habit in your relationship to make it become a lifestyle versus simply a short-term episode.  Life gets busy and our priorities get jumbled. If you continually do the three simple acts discussed above, you’ll be enjoying a much more fulfilling and happy relationship. Ladies, go put on your sexy outfit and start strutting around.  Gentlemen, go surprise her with a romantic date and a little gift or thoughtful card will help too!


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