Dealing with Mental Illness in Your Marriage

Show Notes: Justin Peck tells us what it’s like to have manic episodes and be bi-polar. He shares suggestions on how to talk with a person experiencing a mental disorder or a mental breakdown. We learn what near catastrophe Justin went through that led him to finally reach out for help at the age of 40 and why it took him so long. This interview is incredibly revealing and opens our eyes to how to help our loved ones manage mental disorders or mental blessings, as Justin calls them.

About Bulletproof memoir:

Top Motorsports driver and team owner of Race Pro Technologies, Justin Peck #49 has published his life story, titled “Bulletproof.”

Telling his tale of addiction, literally beating death and overcoming mental illness while learning to use it to his advantage, Justin Peck is an inspiration to so many who may not be able to see hope or light at the end of their dark tunnel.

The metamorphosis of a mental health condition has catapulted Justin Peck into a champion on the track and in life. “Bulletproof” lays out the trials and tribulations of the painful, yet powerful transition that taught him how to free his mind. Transparent and raw, Justin shares examples of courage, defeat, and lives to tell how he rose above it to beat the beast.

The story begins when Justin Peck drove to the top of a mountain, put a pistol to his temple and pulled the trigger — but the bullet refused to fire, which drove him to have a wake-up call and a call to action to change and save not only his life but also others.

Justin Peck has accomplished so much since becoming #Bulletproof. From becoming an off-road USRA champion, owner to Racepro Technologies team, founder/owner of Gear 49 Motorsports Nutrition, loving father, upholding legislation and so much more, he has since taken this opportunity to speak across the country and bring awareness to the challenges facing those with mental illness.

“Bulletproof” speaks to anyone plagued by addiction, bi-polar disorder or mental health issues, and suicidal tendencies just like Justin. It can help guide friends and families of suffering loved ones, athletes and people mentally crumbling on the inside, but play a strong face on the outside, or anyone stuck in life needing a splash of inspirational boot camp.

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing! Moderation is for those who do not believe in their abilities ~ Justin Peck

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