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Stop Your Limiting Beliefs!

Are you a driven professional, but keep having poor results? Do you work your butt off, only to feel frustrated because your results don't reflect your hard work? Is your confidence getting crushed?

I GET IT - because I was in the same cycle for a decade!

I felt like there was a curse on me because no matter what I did it NEVER turned out the way I planned. 

It all changed once I learned the process to reset your mindset. It was like a switch went on to allow clients and money to finally roll in.

Fast forward, today I've helped 100's of driven CEO's and professionals to consistently achieve their goals. It starts with your mindset.

If you're guilty of saying any of the statements below, a mindset-reset will have a

I'll never be financially free

I'm too old or too young

I'm not like successful people

I don't have enough value to offer

negative self talk examples

I feel overwhelmed 

I'm a procrastinator

I'm not smart enough

I have so much self doubt

Everyone will know if I make a mistake

3 Steps to Replace Limiting Beliefs

how to replace limiting beliefs

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identify limiting beliefs

Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

Mindset for Success

Create Your Success Path Blueprint

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Daisy Alt, District Attorney

Simply life altering!

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Michelle Patterson, CA Women's Conference

Midori consistently over delivers, and is a joy to work with.


David Sieker, Sieker Painting

Last month I did $12k and this month I should do $20k. It's because of you keeping me strong.

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Natajia Miller, Mind Fro Travel

After just one call with Midori I was clear on my vision for my company. She gave me some great ideas on ways I can improve and scale to 6 figures. 

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Laura Brewster-Einstetler, Corporate Airline Pilot

Midori shows understanding of how we can best operate in our own situations! 

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Hi! I'm Midori

Have you ever been so frustrated in yourself you wanted to hide

under your sheets forever?


I sure did! I went through a massive mid-life crisis. 

I was in a cycle of working so hard - seeing breakthroughs -

only to have things come crashing down -OVER AND OVER!

I got to a point where I thought, 'well, my life is just going to suck.'


Gratefully, I meet an intelligent man who introduced me to a brain science methodology. Quickly, I began regaining control of my life. Umm, yes, it felt amazing!


Not only did I overcome my depression, but this inner unstoppable version of myself came out from hiding.


I went from believing I was a complete failure, with a crappy future, to having a mindset exuding confidence and determination. Wow, such a difference within months!


Shortly after, I began reaching levels of success I NEVER thought possible!  Most importantly, I regained trust in myself.


Today, I've gotten to help hundreds of others have similar transformations.

As a mindset coach, author, TV-show host, and seasoned entrepreneur for 25+ years, I'm dedicated to assisting ambitious professionals. I help you achieve a higher level of success, by replacing your subconscious mental barriers that often keep you trapped.

By the way, I have degrees in Communication and Sociology from University of California, Davis. A number of years back I  became a Certified Human Behavioral Specialist too. Just to round this out I also have been highly trained in Peak Performance. 

Do You Need a Therapist or a Coach


  • Action and results

  • Gaining financial freedom

  • Replacing limiting beliefs and negative self-talk

  • Creating a blueprint to your goals

  • Building an abundance mindset vs. scarcity mindset

  • Achieving personal and professional goals

  • Launching or growing a business


  • Recover from past traumas

  • Explore why past relationships (business or personal) have been destructive

  • Work through depression or anxiety affecting your ability to function at home or work

  • Survive a divorce or loss of a loved one

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During this session I’ll help you:

• Replace negative self talk

• Guide you to release your blocks

• Create a clear plan of action to move you forward 


It's time to regain control of your life and step into the person you were meant to be!

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