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Reignite Your Marriage

Reignite Your Relationship 


We're ready to find our way back to each other!


Marriage Repair Program

Is your relationship on the verge of failure?

  • Do you and your partner constantly argue about the same ol’ problems?
  • Have you drifted apart to the point where you practically lead separate lives?
  • Has all the fun, happiness and romance in your relationship fallen by the wayside?

As you’re already painfully aware, this is not a healthy way to live. You’re no doubt feeling desperately unhappy, unappreciated and unloved, …possibly depressed too.

You’ve even considered ending the relationship, but is this what you really want?

What if there was a simpler, less confusing way to make your relationship easier, so you can find your way back to each other?

Re-Ignite is an innovative, exciting and highly effective virtual program that will help you rediscover the magic in your relationship quickly…


  • Being more understand, supported, and appreciated
  • Regaining control of where you’re headed as a couple
  • Feeling more loved, connected and secure in your relationship

Why Choose Re-Ignite?

Re-Ignite is a proven system developed by Midori Verity, Relationship and Communication Consultant, best-selling author of ‘Secrets to a Kickass Marriage’ and host of ‘The Kickass Relationship Show.’

It’s a virtual program, which means added privacy, no traveling or extra expense.

Re-Ignite will not only help your relationship thrive, it will help you to build confidence in all aspects of your life, allowing you to reconnect with greater love, support, and synergy to THRIVE TOGETHER.

About Midori

Midori and her husband have been together for over 30 years. She has the personal experience, compassion, and extensive education to understand the challenges couples face.  Midori is known by many as the top virtual marriage coach in North America. CBS-San Francisco, Fox News, Martha Stewart Weddings, are a few of the media outlets she’s been a featured expert.

How Does It Work?

We will meet, on, once a week for 5 weeks, where Midori will personally guide you through her exclusive Re-Ignite Program.

You’ll be given access, into the private Re-Ignite Program membership area, immediately after purchase. This way you can begin working on your relationship TODAY!

It’s time to take control and reclaim your happiness, so sign up now…you’ll be so glad you did!

Purchase Now and you can start the Re-Ignite Program today! We’ll get your 1st consultation with Midori booked too!

What’s included:

  • Weekly private coaching for 5 weeks (value $625)
  • Individual Behavioral Analysis System (value $497)
  • 90 Day Goal Setting Program (value $297)
  • All video recordings so you can rewatch (value $199)
  • ‘Couples & Bubbles’ event tickets (value $150)
  • BONUS: Access to Dr. Angelika Christy’s Relationship Success meditation series (value $300 +)
  • LIMITED TIME BONUS: 90 day post program follow-up (value $300). This will solidify your massive accomplishments!

Get ready to DISCOVER a much easier way to have a marriage that allows you to enjoy life more!

Package value is over $2000.

Yes, I’m ready to get started!




Marriage Repair Program

What clients are saying...


“Our relationship had gotten to point where I walked on egg shells. We fought more than we talked.  A friend recommended Midori’s program.  Specifically, she said to start on the ‘Goals & Dreams’ section. It was like a rock shattering a  glass barrier. We went from being defensive to having a brand new, more exciting relationship.”     

-Matt & Malorie – Dana Point, CA


“We lived like roommates. Ignite showed us how to reconnect on an elevated level. What I was most surprised by was the effect it had on our entire family! … This program is a must for any couple that wants a happier family!”

-Erika & Javier, Walnut Creek, CA


“The live coaching with Midori was incredibly impactful for us.  She stayed on to make sure all questions were answered and gave specific advice for anyone who asked. My husband & I are so much more supportive & loving. Just started a side business together. NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED BEFORE.” 

-Jennifer & Chuck, Peoria, Ill

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